The Low Carb – Dental Connection

Can a low carb lifestyle be good for your dental health?

A moment’s reflection says ‘yes’.

Sugar is one of the main culprits in causing tooth decay. Tooth decay is one indicator of poor dental health. Poor dental health has been shown to increase the chances for heart disease or stroke. The connection, as I understand it, is that your dental health impacts your whole body and the bacteria that accumulate in your mouth can enter your bloodstream and cause inflammation in your blood vessels. This inflammation has been shown to be a contributor to heart attacks.

Actually, there is a school of thought that believes that cholesterol does not play a major role in heart disease as much as inflammation does. As I saw my cholesterol decrease when I went on a low carb diet, maybe the fear that low carb diets cause high cholesterol which in turn cause heart disease is totally wrong.

So what I’ve done is gotten rid of the sugar, and focused a bit more on dental health. It’s a lot cheaper than statins, and might be healthier.

Oh – do keep in mind that one side effect of my low carb lifestyle was splitting a tooth in half. My dentist was amazed that something like this could happen to a cavity-free tooth until he found out I incessantly munched almonds. I had switched from macadema nuts because they were so expensive. He made a valid point – buying the macadema nuts, which are much softer, would have been cheaper in the long run than the crown I am going to need.

I’m buying the macedema nuts again.

3 thoughts on “The Low Carb – Dental Connection

  1. If you are eating enough nuts to crack a tooth you have problems other than tooth decay. nuts are wonderful in moderation but are high in calories
    170 in an oz. if you start gaining weight that may be the answer. Otherwise good luck eating low carb, i have done it for years and also have good dental checkups.

  2. You might be right about too many nuts, but for a while I ‘grazed’ through the day on these and only had an actual meal in the evening. Regarding calories, I’ve been doing this for a few years and never really counted calories – or exercised – and lost 80 lbs and have kept 70 lbs off.

    Please don’t think my point here is to *recommend* anything – I’m just reporting what I’ve done – if it’s dumb or not, I leave that up to you to decide.

  3. What ever works You are lucky not to have to cont calories. I am one who requires very little fuel to maintain, about 1200 to 1400 calories and that is walking 5 miles a day and strength training 3 days a week! So, enjoy being one of the lucky ones!!!!

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