Houston – we have a problem

Ahem – short story is: I’ve gained 15 lbs. The reason? I could lay blame at the doorstep of a number of things, but the reality is that I chose to do so. Nothing ever accidentally fell into my mouth.

This is the first time since 2003 that this has occurred. It’s not because I’m doing low carb – it’s because I’m *not* doing it.

So today – like many folks out there – I am committing to lose that weight, and a bit more. I kept my weight at 180-185. Now I want to get to 170. That’s 25 lbs.

Can I do it? Jeez – I blog about low carb, so I certainly think I know something about doing it.

Now I have to prove it.

So here’s my commitment – I will be 170 by August 1.

Can he do it folks? Or is he just full of hot air (along with the pizza he shouldn’t have had yesterday)?

Stay tuned…

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