Kitchen Experiment #2 – Spinach Salad

THE EXPERIMENT: I had heard that fresh spinach, ricotta cheese and parmigana cheese make a nice mixture. So I took a nice fresh bunch of spinach and with a big butcher knife I sliced the entire bunch into strips maybe 1/4″ wide. I threw away 2″ of stems. I cut across the bunch, but it still seemed a bit large so I then cross-cut them, which left me with fairly small pieces.

I then mixed this with probably 3 heaping tablespoons of whole milk ricotta cheese. It’s not all that easy to mix so I used my hands, which was an awful mess, but worked nicely. I then added the parm cheese and tasted it. A bit bland. I added some more. It still seemed to be lacking something, so I tried a little apple cider vinegar.

I’m glad I only tried a little. The apple cider vinegar was the wrong note for this mixture. A future experiment might include some balsamic vinegar instead. I then tried what any bad cook reaches for when trying to save a recipe about to go to hell – salt and pepper.

THE VERDICT: The salt and pepper saved the day. It actually had a good flavor, and I enjoyed it. I gave some to my wife and she ate it without comment, which usually means she’d eat it rather than starve – which she’d rather do with some of my other experiments so I take that as a small victory. My child was spared (so far) from being a participant in the tasting, and I did notice that some was missing later, which could have been my in-laws – but no one’s admitting to anything.

I will definitely try this again.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Experiment #2 – Spinach Salad

  1. I have to laugh because you sound and yours sound JUST like my family!! LOL I try things, they give brutally honest evaluations and my husband is FAR more brutal than my lovely 15 year old daughter!! But when you said your wife had no comment which meant she’d eat it rather than starve I about died laughing because my husband has actually SAID those words!! LOL Thanks for the good laughs and the experimental recipes. I wondered if I should post some of my “experiments” as well?

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post – I think the experiments are fun – you should post them.

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