‘The Kitchen Experiments’

No one would accuse me of being able to cook, but living the low carb lifestyle has required me to venture into the kitchen and attempt to whip up meals that are low carb and taste good too.

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe that one of my reasons for success in living low carb has been the courage to try different approaches, and in the area of food, this has meant experimenting with strange new foods, unusual combinations of ingredients, and using my hapless wife and daughter as guinea pigs to determine if a given recipe that I think is OK is considered edible by people not on low carb.

My family are honest assessors – they don’t pull punches when it comes to honest criticism. My daughter is more diplomatic, but my wife will tell me straight out: “It looks like dog food and I’m not going to eat it.”

Having set your expectations low, I have actually managed to create a number of things that have proven to be tasty, and some have even won the wife and child seal of approval. As I enjoy experimenting, I thought I would document some of these experiments – for better or worse.

My successes or failures might provide ideas that might prove helpful to some – and for myself, I’ll have documentation of what doesn’t work so I don’t make the same mistakes again.

Stay tuned.

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