Kitchen Experiment #3 – Pumpkin with Sour Cream

THE EXPERIMENT: I had gotten a recommendation that canned pumpkin mixed with a little Splenda made a healthy dessert. I tried it, but there was just something missing. Thought that maybe a little sour cream mixed with the pumpkin might improve the taste, so I mixed them 50-50 and added Splenda to taste.

THE VERDICT: Very yummy. The Pumpkin and Splenda cuts ‘sour’ in the sour cream to nothing, and the sour cream gives the pumpkin some creaminess – and the combination has a nice overall flavor. Pumpkin itself is relatively high in sugar, but also high in fiber and nutrients. 1/2 cup of the stuff is only 6 grams of carbs – so maybe not appropriate for Atkins’ induction phase but that’s certainly OK for a low carb lifestyle in general.

My daughter saw me eating it and made a face at the color: “What are you eating?”

“Pumpkin custard – it’s sweet. Want to try some?”


“Just a little. You like pumpkin pie…”

She snatched a tiny bit off a spoon and wrinkled her nose. I don’t think she was in the right frame of mind – it was better than that.

I’ll have to try and foist it on her again.

One thought on “Kitchen Experiment #3 – Pumpkin with Sour Cream

  1. That is a wonderful easy way to have pumpkin. I love the simplicity. I sometimes make a low carb pumpkin cheesecake but it is a lot of work and something simple like that is very helpful since I am crazy about anything with pumpkin in it.

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