7 Great Benefits of Low Carb Other Than Weight Loss

I found low carb helped me lose 90 lbs at one point. But there were other surprising things that occurred that I didn’t expect. These could have been a combination of the weight loss and the supplements I took (which I will detail in another blog installment), but all of these actually happened to me while on low carb. There’s more than this – I’ll add more when I can.

  1. My mid-afternoon sleepiness disappeared. I thought this was a normal thing. On about day two or day three of induction, I noticed it was gone. I remember times where I had to fight like hell to stay awake in the afternoon, but I can’t recall having this since living low carb. I’ve read books by medical experts that say ‘no one knows why this happens’. Duh – I know. It was the carbs for me.
  2. My GERD disappeared. Also known as acid-reflux or heartburn, I lived on Tums and had actual anxiety attacks if I ran out. Not too long into doing Atkins, I noticed I needed them less and less. I still have some of the sugar-free variety (yes – most Tums contain sugar!), I use them maybe every couple of weeks now – and don’t even bother to carry them around. If you use Tums, Maalox, Nexium, Prevacid, or other medications for GERD/acid-reflux/heartburn, you might find that you don’t need them.
  3. My mind became more clear. Atkins talked about ‘Brain Fog’ in his book and this sounded like a term a quack would come up with – but I went on Atkins and understood exactly what he meant. What I do for a living is very technical and very detailed, and it has certainly helped.
  4. I didn’t get sick. Since 2003 I think I had one cold. Previously, I would get sick with a fever, the flu, or multiple colds every winter. Occasionally, I feel a cold or a sore throat coming on, but it always disappears – I never get the full-blown version anymore.
  5. My energy went through the roof. This was even before I really lost any significant weight. This was happening by week two. It was noticeable to people around me – they made remarks about it.
  6. I needed less sleep. I firmly believe that this is a combination of the supplements I take as well as living a low carb lifestyle, but I always needed 8 hours of sleep every night. I can now live on 6 hours just fine. That’s two more hours added to my life each day. Now I’ve had people tell me that I might be shortening my life by living on 6-hours, but my reasoning is that if they are right, it’s shortening my life during what I call the ‘depends years’. I have two small children and am in the prime of my life – I want to live now. If I’m shaving time off the years that I’ll be of no use to myself or anyone around me, it’s worth the trade.
  7. I would forget to eat. Yes – you read that right – I would forget to eat! I remember sitting at my desk and saying to myself – hey – it’s 2pm – I forgot to eat lunch. That never, ever happened to me before in my life. Doing Atkins, I would frequently remind myself that I needed to eat something at least every 6 hours – my body didn’t always remind me.

3 thoughts on “7 Great Benefits of Low Carb Other Than Weight Loss

  1. All except the last apply to me as well. I always eat but I don’t get hungry any more. It is just boredom. I haven’t had the flu or a cold since I started low carb in 2003.It amazes me. I have been exposed to colds frequently and I am just sure i will get it and it hasn’t happened.The diet or the supplements I take I don’t know which it is but I’ll keep on with both. The benefits are wonderful. Like your blog!

  2. Amazing, isn’t it?

    I’ve also noticed a change in all the areas you mentioned. I’ve also found a significant lessening of arthritis symptoms (Degenerative arthritis in entire spine, hip and knee). Now, since adding krill oil supplements, I am almost pain free!!

    Additionally my blood work has all improved, most noticeably my inflammation markers which have been elevated pretty consistently since my 20s (I’m 53 now).

  3. I have had many of the same positive results. I’m still not happy, however, with my stamina and energy. It is a little better, but there is definitely room for improvement. Can you please post the details on your supplements? Thanks

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