Free Pocket-sized Carb Counter

When starting Atkins, it is critical to understand where carbs hide. The best way to do this is to have a carb counter. Go to and download their carb counter PDF and you’re on your way.

The only problem is it’s 14 pages. You need to know what a carb count is when you’re shopping and dining out – and pulling out a 14 page document is a bit awkward in these situations, so you need something more portable.

Here’s my solution. It won’t work for you if you’ve got bad eyes as the text is real tiny, but if you don’t, you end up with a perfectly serviceable pocket-sized carb counting booklets (Volume 1 and volume 2) for free.

Here’s how it’s done (this will work only on PCs):

  • Go to and download their carb-counting PDF – it’s here. [link updated 03-30-14]
  • Go to and download their nifty little utility that converts PDFs into little booklets – it’s here.
  • Use the PocketMod PDF converter to turn the Atkins carb counter into two pocket-sized booklets that you can take anywhere. You will have to go to the PocketMod site to figure out how to fold the darn thing.

To save you technically-challenged folks from the trouble of going through the above steps, I’ve posted the version I created:

Atkins Carb Counter – PocketMod Version

I certainly hope the Atkins folks don’t mind…

Be sure to check out for loads of other good resources that are free for the taking, as well as – they offer a free utility to build tiny booklets that you can customize and can make great little food journals for you to keep track of what you’ve eaten.



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