Atkins Induction – Observations on Day 7

I’m at 185, which is about a 10 pound loss in a week. I am in my original target zone of 180-185 that I was shooting for in 2003 when I was 260. Until a few months ago I had been steady at this weight, but it started creeping back.

This time I want to go a bit further – 170. I’m almost 6 feet tall, so 170 is an ideal weight. I reached it once but didn’t maintain it. This time I’d like to.

It’s been interesting doing induction again – I hadn’t done it since maybe 2004. Some things I’ve noticed at this point:

  • My clothes are less snug. I was getting close to bursting. Now they fit.
  • There’s a strange feeling that I’ve always gotten after a large high-fat, low carb meal. A slight dizziness with a grumbling in my stomach that might remind one of that warning sign you get right before a bout of the ‘runs’ – but it isn’t – no ‘running’ is involved, the slight dizziness dissipates and life goes on.
  • I’ve totally given up bread, even the low carb type, and really don’t miss it. It’s not a permanent thing – I love bread and there are really good low carb breads available, but it does slow things down and I wanted to do induction ‘hard core’ this time.
  • The ketosis strips are turning quite purple. I found it easy to get into ketosis – fat burning – this time. In 2003 I probably had to eliminate a number of things I thought were OK, but were stalling me. for example I can’t use Nutrasweet, so I switched to 4C brand drink mixes that are locally available and made with Splenda. First-time around it probably took me a while to figure out some of these things.
  • On days I eat more, the next day I see greater weight loss. My theory is the body sees it doesn’t have to go into ‘starvation mode’ and be miserly with giving up the weight as it sees a lot of food coming in – but what do I know?

What have been eating? Off the top of my head I’ve had:

  • London Broil on the barbecue. Family loved it – it was gone the next day.
  • Salad with peppers, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes – drenched in Ken’s Steakhouse salad dressings. The Greek, Italian and Blue Cheese varieties are induction-friendly.
  • Atkins Shakes – one every morning.
  • Breakfast sausages, though I am trying to reduce this sort of thing and stick to fresh meat as much as possible
  • Mozzarella cheese. On salads or just plain.
  • Pork ribs on the grill with Lea & Perrins’s sauce
  • The sour cream spinach mentioned in the previous post
  • American cheese with tomato – I like the combination
  • American cheese with half-slice of pickle (don’t knock it til you try it)
  • Hardboiled eggs. I did them so they only boiled for 2-3 minutes and the centers were not completely cooked through – it gave them a totally different taste that I enjoyed.
  • Sardines. They are a taste I acquired on Atkins. Ate with mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish. I had tried this combo some time back and enjoy it.
  • Cream cheese mixed with Splenda as a sweet. Ate it with a spoon. Think cheesecake without the crust.

I didn’t have any meat with nitrates, nor did I have any of my Lindt chocolate. I had to throw the low carb bread away – it was too old.

I also didn’t exercise, except to mow the lawn today.

While somewhat restrictive compared to usual, I don’t consider the above food list to be indicative of deprivation. Didn’t measure anything – ate what I wanted. Didn’t keep a food diary, count a calorie, or even count a carb – I was just more or less aware of the carb load of what I was eating and tried not to overdo the cheese or Splenda.

That’s it. 10 lbs lighter.

2 thoughts on “Atkins Induction – Observations on Day 7

  1. I appreciate the run-down of habits/results. It is interesting how it is different for everyone. I had a strict 8 days of induction and lost about a pound with ketostix showing a trace amount of ketones – and those 2 things are related, I imagine.

    But starting from an already low carb diet and a low body weight, I may have a particularly fine-tuned metabolism already. While I didn’t expect to drop a lot of weight, I thought it *would* be easy to get into ketosis at the macro ratios I was eating (about 65/30/5 fat/pro/carb)… and the ketostix definitely held the answer.

    Possible stallers for me?
    1 shake per day
    fully caffeinated coffee, 2 cups per day

    That’s all I can think of! Here’s a typical day:
    4 eggs w/ 1/2oz cheese
    coffee w/ cream
    4c romaine with LC dressing & protein (steak, duck, or fish)
    1 can tuna w/mayo
    steak or fish, pan fried, with 1c steamed low-density veggies.
    6x fish oil caps
    1T metamucil, sugar-free sweetened

    So… hmph. Atkins may be a good long-term diet (I believe Gary Taubes’ research), but it definitely needs individualization and a steady hand.

  2. Hi Andrea,

    If you believe the conclusions that Gary Taubes reaches, then you might not be losing weight as fast as you like, but you are improving your overall health – which should be the ultimate goal of any weight loss program.

    I remember when I first did low carb and it took months of experimentation to find what worked and what didn’t. Nutrasweet stops me dead (I couldn’t believe it) – coffee didn’t. Right now I found that I was able to lose 10 lbs while drinking 2 glasses of red wine per day. I didn’t expect this – and I’ll bet you that most people won’t have the same experience.

    The only possibilities I see in your food choices are the coffee and metamucil, which is sweetened with aspartame (Nutrasweet). It might be, like you said, you are coming to this from a low body weight and already were following a low carb diet.

    I wouldn’t be hung up on the weight loss if I were you. It’s going in the right direction, and low carb is a lifestyle – not a quickie diet you go on to lose weight for the class reunion.


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