Recipe – World’s Easiest Low Carb Crock Pot Chicken

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Or cheaper.

  • 4 to 5 lbs chicken quarters (I paid $.59/lb – $3.00 total)
  • 1/2 bottle Ken’s Italian Dressing (the 1g carb per serving variety)
  • 1 can chicken broth

In a large crockpot, place the chicken, pour in the can of broth, then cover the chicken with the dressing. Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours. That’s it.

I added some pepper and a few tablespoons of butter, but it was totally unnecessary in my opinion.

The chicken came out fall-off-the-bone tender and juicy. The chicken can be eaten with the soup as a chicken soup, the meat can be put over a salad, or eaten plain. It’s not ‘finger food’ so use a fork.

Total prep time was 5 minutes. Maybe less. Total cost was maybe $4.00 for a massive amount of chicken.

Who said Atkins is expensive?

UPDATE: A day later and it’s almost gone. Everyone liked this one.


14 thoughts on “Recipe – World’s Easiest Low Carb Crock Pot Chicken

  1. Just stumbled onto your blog, and I love it! I’m doing Atkins for the second time – the first time was about five years ago and worked well, but I went off the low-carb wagon and gained it all back. This time, I am trying to change my mindset and adopt it as a lifestyle instead of a quick fix.

    Anyway – saw this recipe, and thanks for the tip about the Ken’s Italian. Found it last night at the supermarket and will make this right away. Sounds yummy.

  2. OK, I’m back — I made this yesterday with just the listed ingredients; no pepper or butter since you said not necessary. I wasn’t crazy about the smell emanating from the crockpot so I lit a Gingerbread Yankee Candle. LOL…oh wait, that has nothing to do with low carb.

    Anyway, I put it on low and cooked it for about 7 hours. Can I just say? Y-U-M-M-Y!!! The “broth” made from the chicken stock, natural chicken juices and the Ken’s Italian made a wonderfully flavorful soup. Wow! No need for any seasoning whatsoever.

    Thank you so much for the great tip. I brought two chicken legs and some of the soup with me today for lunch, and will have enough for the rest of the week.


  3. Hi Susan,

    I’d go for the smallest version of both – you can always extend the soup by adding some water if you want soup, but if you’re liking more for a solid dish, then the less liquid, the better.



  4. LCC – I did that and made it today. It was sooo good – thank you for the receipe! It has been snowing outside all day and the crockpot was the perfect choice.


  5. OK LCC, I mentioned your receipe at work and one of my co-workers came in raving about it. Apparently, her 21 year old son ate the entire chicken (she got a leg just in the nick of time) and so she is going to buy some more chicken on sale and freeze them.

    Others heard us talking about it and now my entire office is gonna try your receipe. When I told them it was thought up by a very creative lazy guy, they went nuts! heehee! thanks again. Susan

  6. I am in weight watchers at work and a few of us have created our own lunch buddy group where we bring in meals for one another once during the week so we only have to cook once a week but have meals all week long. Anyhow, I’ve been tryingn to find some low carb good for you meals and i stumbled upon your blog. I”m trying out your recipe for tomorrow and am very excited! Thanks!

  7. Recipe sounds terrific. What caught my eye though, was .59 cents a lb!!!!! Holy Newton, I haven’t seen chicken that price in I don’t know how long. In British Columbia we’re paying about $10.00 for a whole small chicken!

    Anyways, koodoos to you for getting back on Atkins. I’m on it for the 2nd time as well. I find I like to keep track of the loss in pounds as well as inches, because sometimes when the scalle doesn’t seem to be moving you’ll notice the change in inches. Helps with the motivation.

    I’m prone to headaches anyways, so water is super important for me. Really helps. Anyone notice an increase in leg cramps?

    A great sweet dessert on induction is Jello Cheesecake. Google the recipe.

    1. I have always had leg cramps on Atkins. The new book (the New Atkins for a New You) says that a low carb diet has a diuretic effect. The recommend drinking a cup or two of broth every day to help with the cramps, headaches, and low energy. And, or course, drink your water!

      I hope that helps!

  8. I just came across your post by accident and I have found it to be most helpful. I want to say thank you for posting and being so real. Atkins can be economical. I thought it would be expensive but reading your post I just realized how far a whole chicken can go when my money is funny. Be blessed and thanks again for your encouraging blogs.

  9. I am back!! I have tried your easy crock pot chicken several times. I like it because it is so versital. I use the broth made from the crock pot for several days to cook my veggies in. *Day 1 – I used a cup of broth, a bag of spinach and some sliced mushrooms. *Day 2 – I used a cup of broth 1/2 of a medium cabbage and 1/4 of a green bell pepper. Day 3 – I used about 1/4 cup to stir fry some veggies in my wok. I have so much broth because I use a large crock pot and I add two cans of water to your recipe. If I have any remaining broth, I usually just drink it up. Again, I appreciate you sharing something so simple yet so helpful.

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