Designing a New Weight Loss Program

Doing this blog has led me to believe that there is a need for a new weight loss program. It uses the Atkins program as it’s core, but expands on areas I think are critical to people having success losing weight and, even more importantly, being happier.

I mean, most of us ultimately want to lose weight because we want to be happier, right? And when we get down to it, we believe that losing weight will make us happy.

Let me tell you from experience: losing weight will not make you happy.

You make yourself happy.

If you want to lose weight, you are onto something, something bigger than just weight loss. If you are reading this, you have the desire and are willing to expend some energy to achieve this goal.

What if you were to take this desire and energy and leverage it across all the areas of your life to achieve not only weight loss, but almost anything you could ever hope to achieve?

What I’m talking about is a program that takes the goal of losing weight and uses that as a basis for change in every other area of your life.

I originally started this blog as a place to keep my recipes on line so that could get them from anywhere.

I then started going through writings I had been keeping on low carb since 2003 and began posting some of those observations, as well as new ones.

But it’s all a jumble of articles without a linear progression.

What I would like to do is put together a book online for people who want to lose weight and be happy. You see, I believe that every diet book looks at the problem of weight loss as somehow separate from our lives – yet while we are dieters, we are also husbands, wives, friends, lovers, bill payers, citizens, church members, dog walkers, employees, students, etc., etc., etc.

Diets fail because they don’t integrate well into people’s lives. Atkins has been called ‘a rich man’s diet’ – he mentions lobster drenched in butter in describing the joys of his diet, but lobster is not on my shopping list. Maybe Atkins could afford it, but I can’t. Other approaches and other books suffer the same flaw – they don’t approach weight loss with you as a person living in the real world.

Diets also fail because they don’t leverage your energy. We only have a finite amount of energy to do what we have to do every day – the planned items as well as the unanticipated hassles that spring up. Some diets don’t seem to take this into account, Atkins, almost in a throwaway line in his book says: don’t drink coffee.

Wait a second – I want to lose weight, not stop drinking coffee! I don’t know if I can muster the strength to change my eating habits and give up coffee at the same time. My approach was to drink all the damn coffee I felt like, thank you, and I still lost 80 lbs.

Why would he say that? Because it might prevent weight loss in some people, and he was writing a book for everyone, it was easier to throw out a rule like this.

I learned to cherry-pick from Atkins as well as other sources and find out what I could get away with and what I couldn’t, and designed an approach that worked for me. This took a little longer, but I’m going on my 4th year of keeping the weight off so maybe I’ve hit onto something.

My general approach to this whole thing at the present moment – subject to change at any time – is:

  • Lose weight permanently by tackling the mind game first.
  • Using Atkins as a core, experiment with different aspects to what works best for you.
  • Make changes in your life leveraging your existing personal strengths so you get the maximum effect for the least amount of effort.
  • Using weight loss as the agent of change in other areas of your life.
  • Easing yourself into a new lifestyle focusing on your total health and longevity without feeling deprived.

I’m going to call it: Change Your Weight, Change Your LifeCYWCYL for short. Awful name, I know – I had to call it something.
There seem to be two types of people reading this blog:

  1. People who have designed or are designing their own path. These are the other low carb bloggers who have checked out my blog – or even linked to it, and from what I’ve seen, they are some smart people – explorers trying this and trying that – and I’ve learned a lot from them.
  2. People who would like to lose weight, have just started out, and are looking for good information. Perhaps they’ve heard about low carb, and are trying it out – but they are grasping at straws a bit. They haven’t hit on the right formula for success – for them – yet.

I talked about leverage before. What I mean by leverage is a long bar can be used to move a rock way too heavy for you to move without the long bar.

Both of the two groups of people above can help in designing this new weight loss program – be my lever to help me move this rock.

  1. From the people already succeeding, I would appreciate your comments on my postings. My purpose is to give people the tools to create their own program – there is no one right way to do low carb, or any diet, which is why dieting is such a losing proposition for so many people and most weight loss programs don’t work long-term. You can help ‘keep me honest’ to this.
  2. From the people just starting out – let me know what you think is helpful and what isn’t. For the present, at least, there’s no charge nor advertising for any of this, and while I will be recommending specific products, I have no arrangements with any of these companies – I don’t make a penny off of this blog so if I recommend something, it’s not like I make a buck off of it. All I ask is your feedback.

I am working on the first section now. As I do have a busy life, I can’t guarantee delivery – but your comments and suggestions will help push me along. I see this as a collaboration – an unusual one – but my own success in losing weight depended on the help and insight of so many others, so maybe we can succeed together rather than fail alone.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Designing a New Weight Loss Program

  1. I think this is a worthy goal. Too often we place all our eggs in one basket and when the bottom falls out of the basket it seems all is lost. (i.e. cheat on your diet, diet fails therefore unahppiness ensues).

    I certainly fall into that first group of people. I’ve been successful in taking off 33 pounds (so far) And while it began on one program (one drenched in controversy at the moment), I have been tweaking it with the “little bit of this, little bit of that” method for what works with my life and mindset.

    In any case, I’m with ya because there has to be a better way.

  2. I’ve already added you to my favorite places! 25 years ago I weighed about 115 pounds more than I do now. 15 years ago I was 75 pounds more. For the past 5 years I’ve been more or less (gaining and losing 20 pounds)where I am now. I look ok and feel the best I have in years, but I still should lose 25 pounds to be at the top of the suggested weight for my height.
    Over these years I have used every weight loss approach available except for weight loss surgery. It’s still a struggle, and I’m still searching for the best way for me. I believe 100% in low carb, but that’s a very wide perameter! Right now my husband and I are combining low carb with intermittant fasting which I learned about from Dr. Mike Eades (of Protein Power).
    I look forward to reading your blog. Thank you so much for making the effort to share your finding!! I love the “leverage” thing!

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