Recipe – Wine Cooler

Please note that in my experience, alcohol can be consumed while on Atkins, but it will definitely slow, if not completely stall, your weight loss. Don’t try this on induction – it won’t work. Feel free to prove it to yourself if you like but don’t be suprised when ketosis stops dead.

This recipe calls for a red wine – make it a dry red or white wine as there’s less sugar. Don’t waste your money on the expensive stuff – it would be like throwing ketchup on filet mignon.

  • Seltzer and wine in equal proportions
  • Splenda to taste
  • Ice

Now, this is more a set of guidelines than a recipe – you are trying to recreate a flavor, so more or less of any of these ingredents might be necessary for you to find the exact blend you like.

You might also want to chill the wine and seltzer, minimizing or removing the need for ice in the drink.

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