Exercise Makes You Fat!


For someone who doesn’t particularly like exercise, this article really makes my day.

It also helps to explain why I was able to lose 80 lbs without exercising. That’s not supposed to happen.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I think exercise is bad – I personally would like to like exercise – I think I would benefit from the strength, flexibility and wind it could give me – but I wouldn’t do it thinking I’m going to lose weight because of it.

I’m not even going to try to condense the points Gary Taubs makes in his article – how exercise increases hunger and how our bodies resist losing weight from exercising – read the article. My point is: exercise if you can. Understand how it can help – and hurt – your weight-loss goals, and don’t try to connect your movements in the gym with movement of your scale. If you do that, you’ll only get frustrated and conclude you are getting nothing from exercise when you are really doing a lot of good things to your body. It’s just weight loss might not be one of them.

One thought on “Exercise Makes You Fat!

  1. I gained nearly 10% of my base body weight in just a few short months at the end of a marathon training program, while never eating even close to my supposed BMR caloric recommendations.

    I had been maintaining a good and lean weight for 18 months until then, but the double whammy of several years of mild calorie restriction and the oh-so-effecient metabolic effects that happen when EXCERCISING ON TOP OF a calorie deficit… well, that’s what did it.

    And I’ve talked with a good number of other marathoners that have gained weight during their training, much to their shock and disappointment.

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