You Have to Eat to Lose Weight

It’s interesting how people find this blog. When you have a blog you can see what people searched on to get to your site.

The other day, someone searched on ‘psyllium TVP recipe’.


Some poor misguided soul out there thinks that some God-awful recipe containing hardly any calories will fill them up so that they aren’t hungry – their thinking, I suppose is that they’ll lose weight because they are taking in very little calories and won’t be hungry.


The problem here is thinking that calorie reduction alone can make you lose weight. Actually, the body can be quite resistant to this type of weight loss – the body thinks it’s starving and becomes very miserly about giving up it’s precious fat stores. You feel hungry and tired and you get on the scale after a week of this torture and you’ve lost…one pound.

That’s the way it happened for me and I’ll bet you the same has happened to many of you as well.

I have always been amazed that on low carb, it seems like the times when I pig out and eat a lot of low carb food, I get on the scale the next day and I’ve lost a few pounds.

This has happened over and over and I shouldn’t be surprised anymore – but I am.

So whoever you are – put away the psyllium and the TVP and have a burger or a steak.

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