200 – Lost 15lbs in 8 days

Got on the scale two days ago and I’m down to 200 lbs. That’s a 15 lb. loss in 8 days.

Even I find that hard to believe, but it’s true.

While I don’t exactly feel all that great – I’m fighting an ear infection and am taking antibiotics, which I think might be helping to make me feel like crap – along with the diet change – induction does take some getting used to.

I used the Ketostix the other day and got a color-change – so I got into ketosis – the measurable fat-burning aspect of Atkins that I believe makes it an easier diet to follow than other low carb diets – which give no indicator other than your bathroom scale of progress.

As mentioned before, I believe 10 lbs of the 15 is water weight, but my guess is I’ve taken off the remaining 5 lbs as honest-to-goodness fat.

What makes it unbelievable to me is that I wasn’t trying to control my portion – I was eating what I thought was a lot. I’ve found that hunger on Atkins is of a different nature, but as I’m just starting on low carb after a long vacation from it, my initial appetite the first week was higher than what I remember my hunger being when in ketosis long-term – my body is still transitioning, I suppose.

What I did was I went to the store and picked up a number of my low-carb staples. The following is a short list of ingredients that allow me to have a variety and that I like without any cooking. I’ve been rushing around recently and I need to be able to grab something quick that satisifies the urge for high-carb junk – and the temptation was there – my kids were eating pasta and I was drooling – but I toughed it out.

Here’s the list

  • Bologna – yeah, I know – crap food – but at least it’s crap food that I can use as a crutch while I get into the groove. I eat it wrapped with some mustard, maybe with some american cheese, or with lettuce. Or sometimes just plain.
  • American cheese – not the ‘processed cheese food product’ that has to say that because it is not what the government defines as cheese. Not gourmet cuisine in any way, but a comfort food that satisifies.
  • Romaine lettuce hearts – great way to get your veggies – rip off a leaf or three, wash, eat with either of the above foods.
  • Pickles – specifically, Claussen – these pickles, found in the refrigerated section, are the best pickles in my opinion – I love them with cheese and maybe mayo – an odd combo that my Mom used to make for herself when I was a kid. She’d make a sandwich with this and I thought she was nuts until I tried it – then it became a lifelong favorite. (Check out this link for some odd comment on pickles.)
  • Ricotta cheese – whole-milk type only, please. Mix with Splenda for a sweet snack, mix with pasta sauce on a low carb bread as a way to stave off the uge to eat the kid’s pasta. I used an ordinary pasta sauce with the lowest carb count I could find, but I use it sparingly. I also try to use the low carb bread sparingly – I’m actually surprised I got into ketosis eating it – both the sauce and the bread can’t be overdone on induction.
  • Heavy cream – I drink it straight, or mix it with water, ice, and 4C flavored drink mixes (4C uses Splenda – Crystal light doesn’t) for a concoction that resembles a milk shake.
  • Ground beef – staple of the low carb diet for newbies – it is fast and easy – cook up some burgers, store them in the fridge, nuke when you want one, wrap in a lettuce leaf with cheese and some reduced sugar ketchup and you’re all set.
  • Eggs – I’ve made some egg salad and thrown that on top of some pre-washed spring mix of different greens as lunch for the past couple of days.
  • Mayo – a gotta-have in my book – goes well with the cheese and the eggs.
  • Store-bought roast chicken – easy – rip off a piece, eat with mayo or cheese – or both.
  • Pork rinds – gives you something that goes crunch when you eat it – a replacement for chips. I eat them plain, with cream cheese, or salsa.
  • Cream cheese – eat with the pork rinds or add splenda to create a mock cheesecake filling.
  • 4C drink mix – they use Splenda – Nutrasweet stall me so I only use it sparingly as ingredients in foods like jellies and the fiber therapy I take.
  • Sour cream – goes great as a topping for chicken – can also add Splenda to this for a yogurt-like experience
  • Cucumbers – I like them with oil and vinegar, salt, pepper and garlic powder. They also aren’t bad plain with a little salt.

As I described, I combine these ingredients in a number of ways to give some variety. I couldn’t live on the above forever though – as I said, I’ve been rushing around, so the above list gives me low carb food without real cooking -until I get the chance to cook this weekend – it’s getting me started.

2 thoughts on “200 – Lost 15lbs in 8 days

  1. Super progress, well done!

    Got my Ketostix last night and show the same weak color I always did, but color is color, and I’m in ketosis. I lost a pound this morning (finally) after kicking caffeine yesterday, so that’s four pounds in the first induction week. Going to my general practitioner tonight for my 6 month checkup and had hoped for more loss by now, but it is what it is and I can report I’m on the wagon again. We’ll see how my bloodwork looks as well, as a benchmark. Since Atkins, my HDLs are always great, but the LDLs have been pushing my totals too high.

    I noticed you mentioned the kids were eating pasta… you know about Dreamfields, right? 5 digestible carbs per serving and I swear to you, it tastes like real pasta, not like that cardboard garbage they call low-carb. We’ve been using Dreamfields since it came out a few years back, and we love it. It comes in spaghetti, linguine, rotini, penne, elbow, and most recently, LASAGNA! The rotini and elbows make terrific cold salads with shrimp or tuna in the summer, the elbows make superb lo-carb mac-and-cheese when mixed with Ragu cheese sauce, and who knew we could ever have lasagna again?!? It might not be advisable for induction, but you should try it after you’re back in OWL. Pasta sauce is another story… you have to look for it, but there IS low carb sauce out there, ususally 5 or 6 net carbs per serving compared to 15-26 (or more!) in the cheap sauces that are loaded with corn syrup or sugar. The premium sauces can cost you as much as $8 a jar, but I have found a few that run around $3.75 or a dollar more. Pass by the standard processed big name sauces and look for the designer names or check out the Italian section of your supermarkets.

    Here’s something I tried yesterday with my lunch Swiss burger so I’d have some easy greens in me: an entire bag of Dole Baby Spinach. Ate it raw out of the bag like I was eating popcorn. One bag is 6 oz, only 2 net carbs and 40 calories. I yam what I yam! Arf arf arf!

    Another cheap thrill: Olive tapenade. We’re allowed some olives as a snack even in induction, and my wife had food-processed a bunch of exotic olives with garlic and olive oil for the holidays, and it hadn’t gotten eaten, so I’ve been snacking on a couple forkfuls every night for my “salt fix.” Hits the spot.


  2. Hi Megamas,

    Always heard that color is color – if your body is shedding ketones, then you are burning fat – the depth of the color is an indicator of potential dehydration – maybe you need more water?

    I’ve had Dreamfield’s pasta – think it’s great – but as you said, it ain’t for induction. It has a LOT of carbs – it’s just that the ingredients cause youu to absorb the carbs more slowly, so it doesn’t impact blood sugar much. Great for when you are at your goal, but for weight loss it ain’t. I always used it sparingly.

    Maybe if I used it more when I was at my target weight, I wouldn’t be where I am.

    I do the same thing with the pasta sauce – Rao’s is great sauce, no sugar, and $8 a bottle – I usually use something cheaper with a little sugar and try not to eat that much – but now that I’m trying to do induction hardcore, I might knuckle down for the Rao’s. I found that Whole Foods has a store brand low in carbs, but I couldn’t find it last trip – I’ll have to look again.

    The spinach is a good idea – I might try it – and the tapenade sounds great – I love olives.

    Thanks for the ideas.


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