Kitchen Experiment #9 – Fried Eggs with Goat and Cheddar Cheese

I was hungry and thought I would make some eggs, but I wanted to add a little twist to it.

This can always be dangerous because of the potential of making something inedible, but on the other hand, it gives the dog a shot at a home-cooked breakfast.

I thought of adding some cheese, checked the fridge, and found some goat cheese that seemed abandoned. Goat cheese, if you haven’t tried it, has a pretty strong flavor. I like big flavors, but I thought that it needed something else, so I thought – how about some cheddar?

So in a well-buttered fry pan I put in 6 eggs without breaking the yolk. I let them cook until sorta firm on the bottom, then put about 5 tablespoons of both the goat cheese and cheddar – the cheddar was in slices, actually, but would have equaled about 5 tablespoons.

I then used a trick I learned reading George Stella’s cookbooks – put the eggs in the broiler to cook the top. This allows me to cook the top of the eggs and melt the cheese. It also prevents me from having to flip them, which usually ends up making my dish look terrible.

I took it out when the cheese was nicely melted.

THE VERDICT: The combination of the goat and cheddar cheeses complemented each other well. There was no need to put salt on the eggs, but pepper went nicely with it.

I’ll most certainly make this one again. Fine for any phase of Atkins.

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