Kitchen Experiment #16 – Pork Krispies in Cream

You know – after some spirited discourse on the metabolic processes in regards to fat and alcohol – along with sundry interwoven threads regarding social alienation, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,  smoking cessation, and the political and ideologocal struggle against trans fat – I’m ready to kick back and have me a big ‘ol bowl of pork krispies and cream.

Never had ’em? Here’s the recipe:

  • 1/2 bag pork rinds – salted is OK – BBQ style is NOT
  • 1/2 cup cream – mix with a little water if want to cut back on the calories
  • Splenda or DaVinci syrup to taste

Crush up the pork rinds to the size of your typical breakfast cereal. Just open the bag to let the air out, then fold the end closed and bang with your fist to crush the rinds to the right size for you. Place in bowl. Pour on the cream and stir in your sweetner. You might be surprised just how close this is to breakfast cereal – I was when I conjured this up.

Doesn’t go soggy in the bowl, either.

11 thoughts on “Kitchen Experiment #16 – Pork Krispies in Cream

  1. This would have had more impact if you’d saved it for the April Fool’s Day post. I’m trying to wrap my mind around the concept of eating fried pig skin with cream and sweetener for breakfast and I keep getting this error message, “Does not compute.” I know, don’t knock anything until you try it. But this… this is pushing the envelope. What’s next? Low carb pizza ice cream?

    Maybe a different name would help… “Porky’s Krunch Nuggets?” “Swine-ola?” “Oinkers?”

  2. I go out on a limb to help my readers explore the boundaries of low carb living. It’s not easy, but someone has to do it.

    I eat cold, raw fish as well – it’s call sashimi and it costs an arm and a leg at my local Japanese restaurant. The ‘Yuck’ factor is a matter of cultural perception when you take the time to think about it.

    By the way – I LOVE the names! I want to mock up some packaging, find a distributor, and take this national.

  3. Ok…I have to try this. I am constantly amazed at how versatile these things are. Plus, I love freaking my boyfriend out. (And sashimi? One of my fave things to eat, ever)

    I love pork rinds tossed with hot butter, cinnamon and sweetener – I’ll ditch the butter and try these as “Cinnamon Pork Crunch”.

    If you go national, I’ll be a devoted customer. Just please include a toy in the box. (I vote “Oinkers” for customer top-of-mind, but “Porky’s Crunch Nuggets” is pretty awesome and fun to say)

  4. ‘Oinkers’ is my fave as well.

    help me on the toy – what could it possibly be?

    My mind is racing with the possibilities…

    Megamas TOTALLY missed the ‘gross out your friends and loved ones’ angle to this.

    A life not spent making friends and loved ones question your sanity is a waste.

  5. Now WAIT a minute, I’ve been with the woman I’m married to for over 20 years and she questions my sanity several times daily! Although I must say, if she caught me eating this, it could spell curtains for our relationship.

    To tell the truth… I’m intrigued. I haven’t had pork rinds in a long time, but I can recall the taste and texture, and somehow it doesn’t seem so crazy now. The hot butter and cinnamon idea got me thinking, what about a piping hot bowl of “Cream of Pork?” The tag line on the commercial: “Forget your wild oats, SOW THIS!” (Of course, instead of pronouncing it ‘sew,’ we’d pronounce it as the pig term.) And then the mascot would say, “Nothing is better for thee than…” followed by squealing piggy noises.

    I say include a toy car that runs on ethanol. Put that corn to some good use. Or figurines of popular porcine characters the kids love, like Hello Piggy, or My Little Piglet. If you’re marketing to adults, what about a sampler of ice wine called, appropriately, “I Swine”…?

  6. Sashimi I love, but pork rinds are one of the most alarming things I have ever experienced. Two weeks ago I got very desperate for Tex-Mex, so I ended up making chili con queso and dipping rinds as tortilla chips. But, it turns out, tortilla chips don’t have the aftertaste of skin (which is probably the only thing I would ever like to have removed from my memory entirely).

    In short, you are a brave man.

  7. I wonder if pork rinds could sub for bread in French Onion Soup? Do you have any other ideas or suggestions for a bread substitute in onion soup?

  8. A good low carb bread would work if you don’t mind a few carbs – carbs are not inherently evil – only too many of the wrong kind.

    I eat ‘The Baker’ low carb bread – it’s a flavorful artisan-style bread available locally for me, as I am on the east coast. Another option is the Arnold Low carb bread, which might be more widely available, though not as good, in my opinion.

    I’d also try the pork rinds – the crunch would be eliminated in cooking, and although Euge thinks they taste like skin, I think he’s dwelling more on what it is than how it really tastes.

    If you put it in the French Onion soup, I’ll bet you no one would flinch – at least if you waited to tell them about the ‘bread’ until after they were finished eating it (don’t try this on vegetarians or people who practice the jewish or muslim faiths, please).

  9. WOW- we.

    Just Wow- that IS special, LCC!! I actually went from zero pork rinds in my life to buying a bag about once per month. But as to cereal, I think I like ibreatheimhungry ‘s idea- though it will require my shopping at somewhere that sells all the coconut products her recipes call for. Why not just dunk bacon in a glass of whipping cream? 😉

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