Good News on Saturated Fat from the New York Times

I stumbled across this link in the New York times that refers to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine that came to the conclusion that – hey, maybe saturated fat ain’t that bad for you after all.

Read the comments that follow the posting – most react with an almost religious fervor against something that contradicts their world view – oh well, I’m not out to change the world – just myself.

I especially liked the one comment that said that the health impact of saturated fats wasn’t valid because it did so without the ‘normal’ amounts of carbohydrates – if carbohydrates were also in the diet, the health effect would be radically different.

Duh. Everyone who has done any research into low carb has probably come to a similar conclusion to the one I have:

Excessive carbohydrates cause a malabsorption of dietary fat

I happened to work briefly with a nutritionist who had written a number of books and mentioned this to him – his eyes widened, like no one had ever explained it to him in this way before.

“That’s an interesting way of stating it.” He said.

Interesting indeed.

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