Kitchen Experiment # 20: Eggs, Peppers & Tomatoes

Here we go again…I got some food to use up, I put it together in a spontaneous manner, and it comes out edible – yummy even.

Having bought way too many peppers at the farmer’s market, I took 4 of these, chopped them up, then added a few somewhat aged tomatoes – still good, though on their way to tomato decrepitude.

I took these veggies and put them in a frying pan sprayed with Pam, threw in some olive oil, and began cooking them on high.

The nasty spitting of the oil let me know that perhaps it was a bit too high, so I lowered it to medium and threw in 2 eggs. I mixed this up, then added some soy sauce, fresh ground pepper, and sesame oil.

Sesame oil is an off-the-beaten-track kind of ingredient for most. It’s a very flavorful oil that give much of Chinese cooking an extra ‘oomph’. I recommend getting some to try, at least.

Anyhow, the peppers were starting to get soft, and I took a taste. Hmm – not enough salt. In went in some fresh ground. Took a taste…perfect.

The result is a very ‘wet’ concoction – something that would go great over rice or noodles. This works well for the rest of the family who require their starches. I eat it with a spoon.

The taste was great – I’ll definitely make this again. I would probably change the process and cook the eggs first, as the eggs seemed to disintegrate – which didn’t impact the taste, but wasn’t visually pleasing.

Give it a go – and try the sesame oil – it’s worth the try.

I’d say this is safe for induction if you eat this in moderation. It refrigerates well, so it can span the next couple of days as leftovers.

One thought on “Kitchen Experiment # 20: Eggs, Peppers & Tomatoes

  1. Wow! What a GREAT blog…why haven’t I heard of you before? Although I am not on Atkins (I’m on a more moderate carb diet, The Insulin Resistance Diet by Hart and Grossman), I really love this blog. THANK YOU…can’t believe I haven’t found you before!

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