This is No Time To Go On A Diet

Low carb? What’s low carb?

I’m saying this because a look at my diet as of late would not make you think I knew what a low carb diet was. I have been lavishing in high carb crapola with reckless abandon, and it shows.

It’s been five years since I started following a low carb lifestyle, and I feel it when I carb out. I feel vaguely sick most of the time, sluggish, and I need to carry Tums around because of the acid indigestion I almost continually feel.

But the truth is: I just don’t feel like dieting. 

WIth the entire frigging world dancing on the precipice of global financial collapse, an evaporating 401k, and a US presidential election that is not giving me any reassurance that things will be better any time soon, it’s a great time to say: to hell with it.

And I have said ‘to hell with it’ and carbed out big time. Just yesterday I overindulged in dim sum – a Chinese specialty – a meal consisting of many different small dumplings. It was great. I ate until I was full – and kept on eating. Before that I ate half a baguette… And before that I had…etc.

You know where I’m coming from.

You know how easy it is to make a firm, unshakable commitment to yourself that you are buckling down and going to lose weight – right after a big meal? You betcha you do (wink).

My friends, I’ve been there many a time, and as of late these moments were followed a few hours later by a total lapse of reason where commitments were forgotten and fingers almost lost in the frenzied feeding that ensued.

I don’t want to stop, unfortunately, but reluctantly, I must. 

You see, I refuse to buy larger clothes – and the ones I have are well past their rated capacity. I’ve had to go through them and put some away, the pieces that run small, and am now living with an abbreviated wardrobe.

Pretty soon I’ll have to cut holes in trashbags and use those as clothes.

So, here I am – the world’s most reluctant dieter – telling the world that, with no resolve, no iron commitment, I’m plunging forward with yet another attempt to de-fat myself.

How is this going to work? This is no time to go on a diet!

Here’s my angle: I’m telling you all this, so if I don’t lose weight, I’ll look like a dope on my blog.

I’m going to chronicle the next 30 days – good or bad – and let the whole world see, for better or worse.

It is 6am on Sunday and I just weighed myself: 214.0

Let’s see if this low carb fanboy can walk the walk.

2 thoughts on “This is No Time To Go On A Diet

  1. Wow, what a great post. I bet you have articulated the sentiments of a LOT of people. I hope you find your lc mojo soon because that makes it so much easier to stick to it. Plan some really good lc comfort food so you can enjoy that AND feel healthier. For me, that would be bacon, tomato and mayo in lettuce cups or a mountain of chicken wings baked in a coating of parmesan cheese and herbs, or chicken with a sauce of salsa very lightly simmered with cream cheese or sour cream. Cheers!

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