Day 3: I’m Better, Really

I’ve put myself on a news diet and feel much better. I’ve concluded that we are in for some tough economic times, and it will probably last a decade. I also had my catharsis with my bleeding heart screed, so I’m more clear-headed.

Or maybe the clear-headedness is from the carb restriction?

Other than coffee and my 50oz. of water, I had 1/2 lb. of bologna at 9am and an Atkins peanut butter bar at about 2pm. I’m beginning to feel that ‘feeling’ you get when doing this – it seems to scare folks unaccustomed to low carb, but I actually find it a positive feeling – it beats the sluggishness and crankiness I have when eating too many carbs.

Around 5:30pm I had a hard-boiled egg and a raw green pepper. Yep – I’ll just munch on a raw veggie when at work. I’ve been experimenting with the notion of eating more raw veggies all summer and can go very simple, especially at work. 

After I got home, I had a bunch of different items: a bowl of stir-fried peppers and eggs, some stir-fried celery, sour pickle with cheese and mayo, some miso broth, and a few pork rinds with some cream cheese.

As is usual, the day went by without much acid reflux – as is always the case, that pretty much disappears after the first 2 days when I eat low carb. I still have a bit of it, though the frequency, length, and severity are much reduced. I’ve also noticed that the morning water – 50 oz. at the start of the workday, has possibly prevented that low carb headache one frequently gets on low carb.

I also wanted to add to my to do list:

  • Take a heaping spoonful of fiber therapy at least once a day in the morning – and an optional second one in the evening. 
  • Take my vitamins every day, in the evening, after my main meal of the day.
I feel I should cook more – it’s just I’ve been so busy, I’ve left that skill to atrophy a bit. As I started this diet before I had my ‘plan’, I’m still living on ‘this and that’, but I’m pulling out the low carb cookbooks, and reviewing my own recipes for some ideas for more formal eats.
This morning’s weight: 208.0 – down 6 lbs. from the start. 

2 thoughts on “Day 3: I’m Better, Really

  1. Its so weird you say that it took me three days before I seemed to come right and feel normal. What ‘feeling’ do you get because I wonder if I also have it?

  2. I describe the feeling as a mild light-headedness, with a mild headache. It’s not entirely unpleasurable as there’s an increase of energy that goes with it. Perhaps I could say it reminds me of having just one drink.

    My stomach also grumbles *after* eating – I also see that as a sign that I’m doing well.

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