Day 4: Getting in the Groove

Breakfast was tuna and mayo at 9am. At about noon I had another Atkins bar. Before leaving work, I finished up the tuna and mayo with a couple of green peppers.

I had made some mock potato salad – this recipe, but with kielbasa instead, the preferred ingredient. Jeez – I forgot how good this stuff was, and perhaps I ate a bit too much. 

I also pan fried 2 boneless pork chops that were pretty good, but not great. I ate 1-1/2. I watched the debate, ate some sour cream and splenda for dessert, and went to bed past my bedtime – about midnight. 

Oddly, it has always seemed to me that carb restriction, for me, allows me to get along on less sleep. I got up easily at 5am this morning.

I am also in deep ketosis. It was the first time I checked, knowing it takes a few days to get all the carbs out of your system. Except for a few brief times, I didn’t get the weird feeling you get when you’ve crossed the threshold into ketosis and your body acclimates itself to running on ketones. Perhaps it’s because I’m used to it, or maybe it’s the 50oz. of water I’m literally chugging first thing in the morning when I get to work. That’s worked out better than expected. I’m bringing the water from home – it’s filtered with my Pur Water Filter, and it’s in a reused spring water bottle. I was using a screw-top wide mouth bottle and found drinking water to be more difficult – could it have been as simple as changing the bottle type and bringing the water from home?

Anyway – This morning’s weight: 206.4 – down 7.6 lbs. from the start.

4 thoughts on “Day 4: Getting in the Groove

  1. I almost deleted your site from my favorites a while back, but I kept hoping you’d start blogging again. I’m so glad you’re back and I’m proud of you. It is a daily struggle for us all. I’m glad I still eat this way though and I’m glad to have my favorite blogs to keep me going. Thanks lcc…..

  2. Its so weird you say your getting by on less sleep because it is the same for me too. I woke up this morning with a spring in my step.

  3. Yup, they all do don’t they? Then, they lose more weight and it pisses me off! But, it works for me, even when I have that occasional hamburger bun and I ain’t a quittin’!! I’ve mainained for many months and that’s fine with me. Not a great loser, but not gaining and that’s okay….love that Chardonnay too much, probably. Keep going….I need you guys!

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