Day 5: Wild Tymes

I ate a lot on day 5. I was hungry on the drive in so had an Atkins bar. I keep them in the car so that I don’t eat them in a serial fashion. This works great when I’m in work or home – I have to go out to the car for a bar – it requires a level of activity that’s reduces impulse. The risk is when I’m in the car, however – but this time there was no second-bar follow-up.

When I got into work, I had my lunch, immediately – leftover pork chop and the rest of the mock potato salad. As this was a healthy amount of food, it actually lasted me the whole day – I actually forgot to eat lunch – another aspect of low carb that always amazes me. 

The evening meal was 2 more pork chops – this time I pan fried them in butter and oil, and used Wild Tymes Spicy Moroccan Dipping Sauce as a topping and had a large salad with Ken’s Ranch Dressing and some broken up pork rinds as crouton replacements, which I never tried before. The piggy-skin crouton replacements were pretty darn good, and Wild Tymes makes a great line of exotic, but expensive, sauces. While I usually like my pork chops with a milder flavor, this was good. 

Forgot to check for ketosis, but I’ve eaten nothing to prevent it, so I assume I’m still in it.

This morning’s weight: 205.6 – down 8.4 lbs. from the start.

3 thoughts on “Day 5: Wild Tymes

  1. Here in the US you can go to the drug store and ask the pharmacist for Ketostix – they are used by diabetics to check for ketoacidosis. They’re about $10 for a bottle and you urinate on them – when they turn color, it means that your body is shedding ketones – and in ketosis.

    Hope that helps,

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