Day 7: The Hungries

As today was Saturday, I took the time to try and do some vague meal planning. I figured in the next week I would have:

Green beans, as I have 3 bags of the stuff in deep cryogenic storage in the back of the freezer. To try and jazz them up a little, I found a recipe that seemed to be interesting and easy

I also have brocolli – and found another recipe which sounds good. 

A tip of the hat to the person who runs Taming the Diabeastie – there are a vast number of recipes – all for folks who are controlling their diabetes through low carb – they’re our closest affinity group – us low carbers. They might not be using it to lose weight, and some of the recipes might be higher in carbs than we like, but with some careful selection, and maybe some mods to a recipe, there’s a wealth of meal ideas here.

I finished off the meal planning with more of my mock potato salad with kilebasa and this beef stroganoff recipe

As it’s the weekend, my daily ritual was not the same. Here’s how it went:

11:15am I had the leftover pork from yesterday – about 3/4 of a chop – along with the butter sauce (the grease). I wasn’t all that hungry, but I ate it anyway, as I think skipping meals, while tempting during a diet because your first thought is you’ll lose weight faster, actually wreaks more havoc.

12:30pm – a few spoonfuls of sour cream with Splenda to finish up the container. “Finish up the container” – how many of us have got hugely fat because of that kind of thinking?

6:00pm – two large tomato, bacon, mayo and cheese sandwiches wrapped in lettuce – and an Atkins bar. These tomatoes were locally-grown heirloom tomatoes – these slices were as big and thick as a lumberjack’s hand. I’ll have to remember this trick come spring, because once the farmer’s market closes next week, I’ll have to forego the store-bought variety as even the expensive, vine-ripened ones totally suck in comparison.

I was really darn full after the tomato meal…for a little while.

Then I wasn’t.

An attack of the hungries hit – and I went on a search-and-destroy mission for something else to eat.

At 7pm, I had 3 oz cream cheese w/Splenda + square chocolate.

Still hungry, I had some chicken broth with some soy sauce.

I fell asleep on the couch with my 2-year old daughter. When I woke up, I carried her up to bed, and got her some milk. During the wait to heat the milk, I had half a Claussen pickle. 

I went to bed still hungry, with the voices of the fried potatoes, noodles, cake, and candy apples in the fridge – waiting to be eaten  by someone who would really appreciate their worth – not these kids, who take a few bites and leave the parent-as-busboy (Me) to put away the leftovers.

I ignored their screams and fell asleep.

And this morning’s weight, as provided by my overly accurate and unforgiving Tanita bathroom scale? 205.4 – a GAIN of 2+ lbs. from the day before, though still down 8.6 lbs. for the week

My take on this is: I didn’t have my evening course of fiber therapy, and I ate later in the day. I don’t think I ate all that much more today than other days, so I’m guessing that my metabolism really needs that jumpstart early in the morning. 

I checked about 7pm – I was still in ketosis, which is an encouraging sign.

I think the 2 lbs. will come off easily if I adhere to my diet – let’s see where I’m at tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 7: The Hungries

  1. I think weight fluctuates. Today I put on two pounds as well. I think its just because I had a big dinner. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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