Day 9: Homeostasis

Today started with an Atkins bar at about 8am. At Noon, I ate a pint of the mock potato salad. Then at 3pm I had another bar.

I did feel rather dizzy during the day, but I attributed this to my getting maybe 4 hours of sleep the night before.

It was when I got home that all hell broke loose.

I had 2 bowls of the beef stroganoff with sour cream, which is really filling. Then I had some slices of kielbasa – at least a half-dozen. Then finished it off with a half-dozen slices of some cheddar cheese and 2 squares of the Lindt chocolate.

Still in ketosis – the stick went dark. Personally, I don’t obssess on the color – if it turns a little bit, you’re in ketosis – the color has more to do with how much water you’ve drank and how efficiently your body is burning ketones – neither of which I concern myself with.

I’ve also been drinking some 4C drink mix – they use Splenda instead of Crystal Light, which uses Nutrasweet. I haven’t tried their 2Go products – I buy the tubs. Of the flavors they offer in this container type, I like the Pomegranate best – the fruit punch is a kid-taste and the lemonade is just so pedestrian. I like the Crystal Light Orange stuff, and 4C apparently makes something similar, but not in a tub. Oh well…

Today’s temptation: Mc Donalds. I get a call on the way home to pick up fries and chicken nuggets, so I ride home with the bags next to me. Then home, there’s chips, cookies, and noodles seemingly everywhere I look. 

I resisted, though. Perhaps this is why I scarfed down all the low carb stuff I did.

But this isn’t a race, nor a diet, really – it’s a lifestyle. I need to restrict my diet like a diabetic does – as I’m probably going to end up being one if I don’t – or as a vegetarian, or a devout member of the Muslim or Jewish faith would. 

This morning weight is 205.4 still down 8.6 lbs. from the start

Impressive for some, but for me, an indication I really let myself go this time, and my internal ‘set point’ shifted higher. Oh well, I’m in this for the long haul, and the trend it in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Day 9: Homeostasis

  1. This daily writing is a good thing. For you and for the rest of us low-carbers. Gives you some accountability and lets us know that others are out there struggling to win as well. You’re right, it’s not a race, it is a lifestyle, but I still love what Dana Carpender says. “There is NO finish line!” Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie.

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