Day 11: The Bloodletting

The problems with the economy have hit home. Massive layoffs. The boss’s boss let go, the person next to you let go, people allowed to stay until the end of the month, like a living corpse – corporate-style. Calling someone about a project and saying: “Oh, you’re being cut? That’s too bad – are you going to complete that project?” What else can you say? You’re expected to work while people around you turn into living ghosts.

The morning commute was 2 Atkins bars, then I had the other 1/2 lb. of bologna. That kept me until the commute home, where I ate my mock potato salad. 

If you think driving while talking on a cel is bad, you should have seen me trying to eat this stuff during my commute. 

I did this because I had to take my daughter to her piano lesson. 

When we came home a little before 9pm, I had 4 fried eggs for dinner – and wine. I can tell you the number of eggs, but I’m not sure on the number of glasses of wine – I drank it while I helped my daughter with some homework, and cleaned the kitchen.

I ended my evening with a nice bowl of ricotta cheese and Splenda as dessert.

This morning’s weight? I got it to move downward a bit: 204.4 – down 9.6 lbs. from the start.

4 thoughts on “Day 11: The Bloodletting

  1. Or should I say ‘ unemployed man working’

    Anyway that sounds pretty severe. Whereabouts are you? Im in New Zealand and we scarily seem to be doing ok out of all of this. Our markets are still pretty strong and our dollar is gaining on just about everyone.

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