Day 17: Persistence

“I will study and prepare, and someday my opportunity will come.”
— Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

On the trip into work, I started off with an Atkins bar. I wanted another right after, but resisted the urge, and the hunger disappeared until about noon, when I had a burger with lettuce and low carb ketchup. Hungry in the afternoon, I had some Brazil nuts (I squirt a little mustard on them – weird, I know). 

DInner was some of the Italian stew from the other day. I also had some chicken wings, and a slice of low carb bread with sauce and mozzarella cheese – I melted the mozzarella cheese in the microwave and at the result with a knife & fork – a very distant analog of pizza, but it seems to fill that niche – sometimes.

Some food boredom is setting in. This was something I experimented with during the summer and early fall, and it’s something I found I need to avoid to stay on course. I’ll have to mix things up soon – either go back to the archives and pull out a recipe or conjure up something new.

I followed my low carb diet well, but I have completely failed in my news diet. I’m obsessed, frankly. The news these days is like the car crash you can’t look away from, though what you are seeing is horrifying.

I can’t wait until the US election is over. 

I’m going back and reading my own posts for inspiration. I reread the post on changing your habits. Good point, Me. Poorly written, but what do you expect from something dashed off at 5am – Hemingway?

The point survives – it’s time to make new habits, and with a little persistence, they will persist.

I know this. I did this. And can do it again.

And the weigh-in numbers for today?


205.2 – down 2 lbs. from yesterday – and 8.8 lbs. from the start.

Looking at my stats, I’d say I lost 5 days of progress because of a bad weekend, but, again – this is a marathon, not a sprint.

And I have lost this weight eating a heckuva lot of rich, high-calorie, satisfying foods, and had little hunger.

5 thoughts on “Day 17: Persistence

  1. Good going! You said something about being worried you were alienating all your readers, but it’s kind of interesting to read nonetheless. It seems particularly nasty to have to prepare carb food for the kids while not having any yourself, i don’t think i’d survive…

  2. Keep writing. I’m reading you everyday, even though I don’t leave a comment every day. It’s a marathon of a journey for me too, but we must all keep going if we are to win.

  3. Please keep writing. I had just found you before you started your low carbing again. I’m on the journey with you and completely agree with the golden time that you spoke of the other day. This time around weight loss is MUCH slower. Good luck.

  4. I say keep writing, too. Every day is a freakin’ battle, and seeing your struggles helps me to “Never give up. Never surrender!” I am with you on the newsfront, too. I like your analogy of the coming car crash. Shivers.

  5. All,
    I wasn’t fishing for kudos, but I do appreciate the comments and encouragement. I’m glad you find some value in this.

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