Day 19: Halloween Candy

The ritual morning Atkins bar was at 9am.

Then there were clients at work – and that meant bagels.

And bagels means cream cheese – which I ate on a pepper (not a bagel). I also picked at the cream cheese throughout the day, keeping my salmon chowder lunch for tomorrow.

The evening was a trek to the grocery store for Halloween candy, then home to carve a pumpkin.

I had some wine while I carved the pumpkin to my daughter’s specification, and my meal was essentially grazing – I had a pickle with mayo and cheese, and a bit of the leftover chowder.

Right before bed I got a sweet tooth, and went out to the car and got a second Atkins bar.

I’d say that my appetite was ‘subdued’ today – while it could be from a number of things, this also happens to me when I’ve been in Atkins induction for a while. For example: still surrounded by pasta, cookies, and leftover fast food – not to mention Halloween cookies, it just didn’t register. I didn’t have to resist them because I wasn’t thinking of them.

Weight? 204.4 – up 1 lb. from yesterday – and 9.6 lbs. down from the beginning.

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