Day 21: Another Witching Hour

Breakfast was the rest of the bologna and some low carb bread

That held me over until mid-afternoon, where I made Brussels sprouts and bacon. I had a bit of that, then had a small bowl of my Italian stew. It was not a culinary delight – the bones and grizzle are grossing me out a bit – next time, I’ll use meat without bones and gristle, maybe breasts. The combo is sound, it’s just the chicken quarters just didn’t cut it this time.

I battled computer problems, and picked up nearly a 10-gallon bucketful of candy. The kids spent the day in a sugar daze – I’m not too thrilled about this, and later tonight I’ll hide a good portion of the sugared loot somewhere.

I hope it isn’t my stomach.

After the carb-out yesterday, I was sickened by sweets – I drank my coffee and cream this morning without Splenda. I’ve noticed that after such a performance, I’m a sponge for weight gain – it will be very easy to put on additional weight even if I eat very low carb. 

I also came up with the survey I posted – there have been 20 responses so far. To everyone who’s responded so far – Thank you.

I had the same kind of evening as last – in a single hour, I tear in to junk, and bollix up the whole day.

I think it’s really coming down to food boredom. And that can be handled by having more low carb stuff about.

Weight is 208 – up 2 lbs. from yesterday and 6 lbs. down from the start.

Did I say ‘tomorrow is another day’ yesterday?

I meant ‘the day after tomorrow.’

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