Day 23: Yada Yada

Breakfast was an Atkins bar.

Lunch was a healthy portion of that London broil soup, which held me until close to 8pm, when I had a few of PF Changs Northern Style Ribs as takeout. They are very low carb. I also had 2 hot dogs on low carb bread – and a lot of the 4C Drink mix – I was quite thirsty when I got home.

I also weighed myself when I got home – 204.6 – that’s 4.2 lbs less than I was in the morning.

Why I would fluctuate so much in 12 hours, I don’t know, but at least it was in the right direction.

I watch the evening weight, but I’m a sponge most evenings – everything eaten shows on the scale. I don’t obsess about it – it just is.

This morning I’m 206.8, which is down 2 lbs from yesterday and 7.2 down from the start.

And this morning is Election Day in the US. If you can vote – vote. 

If you live outside the US, say a little prayer that we pick the right guy – I know I am.

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