Day 25: NWCR Wants An Update…

I’ve skipped a day – 24 – because I got some sort of stomach virus that laid me low for the entire day – and I didn’t keep track of what I ate the previous day. I recall it being the typical – mostly good, with some wine and junk in the evening. I didn’t weight myself, so nothing to report here.

The next day was: sleep til noon after barely being able to pull myself out of bed. Had 2 hamburgers with cheese wrapped in lettuce.

Dinner was some Brussels sprouts with bacon, topped with some sour cream – and some slices of fried pork chop. A little later, a grilled cheese on low carb bread. 

The weight was 207.8 – up a lb. from 2 days ago, and 6.2 down from the start.

And I’ve just gotten my yearly update letter from the National Weight Control Registry – this is the study on long-term weight loss I’m part of. 

While I would have lover to report a lower weight to them, I’m about 8 lbs. lighter this year than last.

Or maybe a few lbs. more – I just checked my posting from last year, which doesn’t match what I remember. Maybe at the exact time of the post, I had peeled off a few more lbs.? Maybe. I do remember being 215 on Jan 1, 2008. 

Even if I didn’t lose another lb. – and kept at this weight until September 09, I would have kept 60 lbs. off for 5 years, which used to be considered nearly impossible at 95% unlikely.

Good news is that the NWCR folks sent me a study that said the odds stated above were based on one bad study – and the truth is that it is only 80% unlikely.

2 thoughts on “Day 25: NWCR Wants An Update…

  1. Hi Dan,

    That’s the *good* news.

    They used to think that it was pretty much impossible to lose weight and keep it off. Oh, yeah – you can lose it – but keep it off for 5 years straight? The odds were 20:1.

    The NWCR sent me, as a thank you last year, a study from their database of successful losers, which stated that the chances of keeping it off 5 years is much better – 80%, or 5:1.

    This still sucks, but it does show that you gotta *really* want it – there’s no easy road to weight loss when your body decides to pork up.

    Look at the folks who answered my survey – they attributed their success mostly to obsessive tendencies – or fear of death.

    My survey wasn’t scientific, but these answers ring true.

    You can’t take long-term weight-loss casually. Their must be an obsessive component to it.



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