Day 26: The Chinese Buffet…and Reflections on 25 Days of So-Called Low Carb Dieting

The morning started with the Atkins bar. 

Lunch was most of 6 scrambled eggs made with some milk and sour cream. The rest was finished off near 6pm, along with a second Atkins bar.

On the drive home, my wife called and wanted to go out for dinner. With the kids, the best bet is usually the Chinese buffet.

All-you-can-eat can be a challenge, but I was kinda full from the remaining eggs and bar I had an hour ago. I did have some shrimp and mussels in dishes that didn’t seem to have the opportunity for too much starch being added, though I imagine there was some, certainly.

My 2-year old daughter enjoyed smearing a square of Jello on my pants. Good thing for her she’s dangerously cute. 

In the evening, I stole a Kit Kat or two – I am going to pack up some of the remaining candy and bring it to work – I’ll fatten up my coworkers – it will lessen the contrast.

The weight moved in the right direction today: 206.6 – down 1.2 lbs from yesterday and 7.4 lbs. from the start.

As I near the end of my little experiment here – 30 days of blogging about trying to lose weight during some of the most profound and historic events to come down the pike in a long time, I frankly doubt that the experiment helped much in my weight loss so far. Part of the experiment was about commitment – first, to blogging for 30 days straight – except for one day, I’ve done that. 

If ‘real close’ counts – I’ve done it. If it doesn’t, I didn’t

On the diet end, you’re pretty much seeing the standard pattern. My biggest change was to go back to my Atkins roots, and to acknowledge that food variety and crutch food like Atkins bars are important to me. I think these two aspects have made the scale go down rather than up, but it was more an evolution than revolution.

On the personal journaling, which I have done little of prior to the last 25 days, I am completely disappointed, at least at this point. I’ve tried to stay ‘on-topic’ since I started this blog 1-1/2 years ago. Part of this experiment was to put a diet into a context of the world around me. You don’t diet in a vacuum, and I thought that an attempt to merge my unrelated thoughts with the diet might reveal something other than tiresome blather, but I think that’s all it does.

On the positive side, when I started this, I was 7 lbs. heavier, and the scale was trending rapidly upward. It’s not doing that now, even though the 25 days have been riddled with less-that-perfect (to put it mildly) committment to a low carb diet.

If I can keep this trend going – and get a little better about following the diet, I could be 180 – my target weight – by spring.

I also think that the timing – dieting during the holiday season – it a great strategy. I’ve read that, like bears and squirrels, our bodies want to pack on the weight in the winter, so it’s easier to blimp up. Add to the fact that it’s the time of the year where we offer ourselves the most excuses to overeat, and it’s a recipe for packing on some serious pounds. 

So you’re a downer at family gatherings – you eat less than others, making them feel guilty about their own excesses. You don’t have that slice of pie Aunt Martha slaved over.

Aunt Martha is going to have to suck it up, and find some other joker for that pie.

And save the guilt-trip for some other relative, aunty.

Also – I haven’t exercised, and I still lost weight – I’m not proud of this, but it stands as a fact.

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