Food Journal: 11-11-08 – 11-14-08

My ‘No Time to Go on a Diet’ experiment left me with a few new strategies. One of them was food journaling – I think it provides something helpful long-term. I’ll post these daily snapshots periodically for as long as I continue. I’d like to think I can do this through the holidays, but I’m not committing to it.

Day 31: 11-11-08

Morning was an Atkins bar. Hungry right after, I had the lasagna I brought for lunch. 

Lunch was low sodium bologna and low carb bread – 2 open-faced sandwiches.

Dinner was some bologna, maybe 8-10 shrimp with horseradish sauce, and 2 very small but tasty sweet potatoes – I was picking while cooking for the kids. I did have wine, and I wasn’t all that hungry. I has some TVP and tried making meatballs, but the mixture of Italian spices, egg, and pasta sauce turned into Italian kibble. Perhaps it will make a nice filling for another lasagna? Depending on what I’ve eaten along with TVP, it can give me an awe-inspiring case of the toots, so I am wary. It was sitting around and I wanted to use it up. At least I did that.

Weight: 206.6 lb.
Difference from yesterday: 0.0 lb.
Difference from total: 7.4 lb. 

Day 32: 11-12-08

Some serious hunger. Morning was the Atkins bar, and finishing up lunch (more lasagna) for breakfast. Hungry at lunch, I went out and bought a store-roasted bird and ate 2/3 of it. The drive home was another bar. As I stopped home to bring my daughter to piano class, I grabbed the rest of the bologna from the other day and had an open-faced low carb sandwich. When back from piano, I had the last of the lasagna, pork rinds with salsa, a few shrimp with LC ketchup, another Atkins bar – and that’s it. 

Weight: 205.8 lb.
Difference from yesterday: -0.6 lb.
Difference from total: 8.2 lb. 

The fact that I ate as much as I did, and lost a 1/2 lb, still amazes me, though I’ve seen this pattern repeat itself over and over in my 5+ years of living low carb. If I had eaten the equivalent number of calories eating high-carb, I’d have packed on maybe 3 or 4 lbs.

Day 33: 11-13-08

Not hungry in the morning – I forgot about the Atkins bar. Had lunch – the frozen London broil and Brussels sprouts – about 2pm. Went out to dinner with the wife and kids to Ruby Tuesday’s and had the salad bar – 2 large salads with spinach, cheese, bacon, onions, olives, and blue cheese dressing. It unraveled when I had a bunch of the kid’s french fries – and the unraveling continued at home, when, aided by a glass of wine, I gave in to a purging of some of the kid’s remaining Halloween candy – and some Cheetos as well.

Weight: 207.0 lb.
Difference from yesterday: +1.2 lb.

Difference from total: 7.0 lb.  

Day 34: 11-14-08

The morning Atkins bar was at 9am. 12 pm was the last of my London Broil and Brussels sprouts. At about 3pm, I was famished – and another group in the company, who had just finished a lunch meeting, had left pizza and Italian bread in the kitchen. 

Diet? What diet?

Had a slice of the pizza, and some of the bread with oil.

Feeling bloated and sluggish, I finished the day and went home, where I had an open faced cheese sandwich with lettuce and mayo. If I had stopped there, I’d have probably managed to have just a bad day, but I chose to make it awful by polishing off more Halloween candy, the kid’s mashed potatoes, and some bean dip with pork rinds. Ugh. Then, to make matters even worse, I had made the kids frozen bananas blended with Halloween candy, which is a great way to get rid of old bananas and the candy – if only the kids ate it instead of me. This mixture is phenomenal in paking on the pounds, as the weigh-in shows.

Weight: 209.0 lb.
Difference from yesterday: +2.0 lb.
Difference from total: 5.0 lb.  

I have a strong suspicion that the remaining Halloween candy will quietly disappear to someplace other than my gut.

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