Why Are You Reading This?

“Know thyself” – Socrates

“Only the shallow know themselves” – Oscar Wilde’s response to Socrates

I think I keep this blog going because I like to write, and because low carb living is kind of a lonely gig. Blogging gives me an outlet for my overactive mind, and allows me to spill my thoughts on low carbing without annoying the people around me who could either: care less – or think I’m nuts to go on a diet where eating fat is OK.

As I’ve stated many times, I never expected that anyone would read this stuff, but right now, these dashed out, illiterate posts have been read over 73,000 times. 

I find this unexpected, odd, and somewhat creepy.

I’ve asked the question a few times, but I’m still unsure as to why you folks come here. Is it really that interesting to read my listings of daily foods? How does this help you? Why are you here, and for those of you who check back regularly – why?

Any insights would be welcome.

14 thoughts on “Why Are You Reading This?

  1. I’m wondering the same thing about my blog….what keeps people coming back reading this stuff? Unfortunately I don’t have a definitive answer. I wasn’t so interested in your daily log of foods as I was to see you openly and honestly share your daily struggles, which obviously included more than just food. It’s these kind of writings that let other people know that weight loss control requires a battle to win and none of us are exempt from those battles. However, the good news is, we can be victorious if we just keep on doing what we know works. It may take a long time, but hey, to gain the weight took a long time too.

    I also think writing is one of the best ways to know yourself as you express your feelings and emotions. And you hit the nail on the head when you said it’s a great way to keep peace at home by not plaguing those around you with unwanted dietary advice. Anyhow, I am fully in favor of you continuing your writings. As a low-carber myself, for 18 months now, it does me good to hear the stories others who have chosen the healthiest nutritional lifestyle in the universe.

    Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie

  2. I’m not sure either…..how’s that for an answer?

    It’s not like you’ve got the answers (no one has them for anyone but themselves). It’s not like you’re doing amazingly well (again, no judgement, just observation).

    Perhaps I’m just a boring and pathetic person who likes to have glimpses into other people’s lives? I’m not interested in the recipes….although we both are low-carb, I basically eat whole foods and no frankenfoods.

    Maybe it’s because listening to someone else struggle and find their path gives me the inspiration to keep struggling myself? To not give up. Gives me the courage to not take that first bite back into the world of high carb crazies?

    I don’t have any answers…….

  3. Because we all have struggles trying to eat this low carb way. It’s nice to know I’m not alone- plus I enjoy the other stuff you write- not just about the diet. Keep it up.

  4. I suspect that friendship is a major motivation for people to read your blog and supply comment. The main thing friends do is exchange information. Got that from watching the TV show Numbers. Charlie Eppes (played by David Krumholtz) said it.

  5. Because even though I don’t know you, really, I like you! You’re a real human being with a real life. You work, you have a spouse, you have little kids — just like me. I enjoy your writing, I connect with what you have to say. I feel like I’m not totally alone in this balancing act of low carb and real life because I read your words. You help me not feel like a total failure when I eat a bowl of pasta with the kids or sneak one of their Halloween candies. Or have a friggin’ beer or two. You are honest. You don’t pretend to be some guru hocking products. And yet, you succeed. And I appreciate that more than you know.

  6. simple. Motivation. You are going through the same struggle as me and so I gain motivation and further understanding of my food issues by learning about yours. Its comforting to know that you go through the same dramas I do. Misery loves company. But when i read your blogs I sincerely want you to do well because that means that there is hope that I will too!

  7. Most diet&nutrition blogs i read are the types that (think they) have all the answers and that with a little determination and a few weeks work you can achieve all your goals. They always skim over the fact that actually doing it is frikking hard!

    You don’t have any of the answers, just an ongoing struggle that’s very familiar. I would get bored reading 10 people’s food logs, but as it is, i only stumbled upon yours, and find it fairly interesting.

    But please, don’t feel awkward. Often when people notice they have an audience, they feel a need to entertain or deliver, and change the reason they started journalling in the first place, and then burn out on it because they are no longer journalling for themselves.

    Don’t mind us, just do what you want to do 🙂

  8. What they all said! We like your writing, your sense of humor and your total honesty. Keep it up or don’t, but keep it real, which you have…we appreciate it. Hope you have a great week!

  9. I read because you’re honest, with yourself and in your writing.

    You’re skeptical – you seem to realize that correlation doesn’t equal causation, and I really like that. That’s rare, way too rare, in the low carb community. You may try tweaking your food a bit, but you’re VERY honest about the results.

    .. I dunno. I just feel like I’m not alone in eating lower-carb and being a skeptic when I read your blog. =)

  10. Sometimes I skim through your blog sometimes I read every word – but I always look to see what you are up to, and I save the emails for future reference and motivation. I’ve fallen off my low-carb way and KNOW I’ll get back to it soon; reading your column motivates me: ‘if you can do it, i can do it’!

    So now you ‘HAVE’ to stay low-carb(-ish) and blogging…we’re watching you!…you’re motivating US!

    and THANK YOU.

  11. This is the first time stumbling over your site, and I’ve been living (kind of not by choice) a low carb diet for about a year & a half plus. I like the human side about it, and you do have some answers (though not all). It’s a sort of gleen of your knowledge, a way I can compare to your thoughts, and a comfort that not everyone thinks the “gorge yourself on meat diet”as my friend loves to put it, isn’t just imagination that I’m going through

  12. All,

    Thanks for the comments – this does help answer the question.

    I’m glad that it comes across that I’m being about as honest as I can be. I’m not trying to play to the crowd, and figured when I wrote about my sometimes pathetic attempts at losing the pounds, you folks would go away.

    And I assume that’s true for some folks who come here – why would anyone just starting a diet want to read about a guy who can’t get his act together?

    I suppose it’s because people who have the grit to effect real change in their lives know it’s a long and tedious series of failures that *somehow* eventually sum up to success.

    EC – you nailed the skeptic part – I have a shelf full of Skeptical Inquirer magazines. I constantly question ALL my assumptions – and I take the approach that if someone insults me, they have revealed to me a weak spot that I need to examine more closely.

    Thus – after all these years, it’s pretty hard to insult me.

    LOLFitness – thanks for the advice. It’s part of the reason that I was reluctant to make this blog ‘personal’, but this is all an experiment, and it’s become more of that.

    I’ll keep it real – and if you think I’m not – call me on it.

    Thanks again,

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