Food Journal: 11-18-08 – 11-19-08


Had my Atkins bar at about 11 am. Had chicken, bacon, and cauliflower mashers at about 1pm. Had brazil nuts about 3pm. Came home and had some wine and grazed on bean dip, stir-fried pork, and pork rinds. Also had a little of the Lindt chocolate. No cheats.

The morning weigh-in was 205.8 – I’m only 5.8 lbs. from my November weight goal.


I am amazed at how well the freeze meals are working out. I pick something from the freezer the night before, put it in a dish in the morning, and I got my low carb lunch. I also have variety – there’s at least 3 different meals in there right now. I have to come up with some more dishes to make this weekend. I was thinking of trying to make moussaka – it’s a greek eggplant dish with beef – but I need to find a recipe.

It only took me 5 years to figure out that freezing meals ahead of time might be something to try – am I quick on the uptake or what?

My day usually starts between 4 and 5am, when I have coffee. I have begun the habit of using some heavy cream in it. Amazingly, my stomach sometimes doesn’t appreciate half a pot of black coffee on an empty stomach (ya think?) and the cream seems to lessen the offense.

The food for today was an Atkins bar around 10am. I put off eating my lunch until 3pm because I was busy in meetings. It was piano night for my daughter, so I didn’t get the opportunity to eat until 9pm, when I had a small portion of the chicken and bacon with the tarragon mashed cauliflower – I really like that stuff – thanks again to the poster that gave me the idea – I think I’ll make some more this weekend.

I was still hungry, so I had an open face cheese, lettuce and mayo sandwich on low carb bread – and a pickle spear. Then I had an open face almond butter and zero carb jelly sandwich, with the small cheat of half a glass of milk. 

Despite the fact that the evening meal was a bit immoderate – a portion of food and two open faced sandwiches, I shaved off a few ounces and am now 205.4 – 5.4 lbs. from my goal for November. 

It’s going to get a little harder as I’m nearing my internal ‘set point’ – I find there are certain weights that I plateau at – and certain weights I never stay at for any length of time. Historically, my set points seem to be: 175, 185, 200, 205, 215 – each of these weights have been my weight for signifigant stretches of time. 

I am hesitant to say it, but I’ve also been thinking about…exercise. I HATE exercise, and will provide myself any excuse possible to avoid it. But I’ve been reading about how Barack Obama has exercised 6 days a week for 40 minutes a day while campaigning. That pretty much takes away any excuse I might have that ‘I’m too busy.’

I doubt that this will motivate me, but it will make me feel more guilty about it – not a bad thing, necessarily. If you can beat yourself up without feeling sorry for yourself, it can be a tool to effect change.

5 thoughts on “Food Journal: 11-18-08 – 11-19-08

  1. Is it possible to take pics of your meals?

    Also, as for the exercise, I have read a lot of material saying that you should less exercise but at high intensity rather than lots of exercise at high intensity. So they recommended 20 mins three times a week with a five minute warm up and five minute warm down and with one minute sprints followed by two minute slowish walks. I find it really works for me.

    And last. Its interesting that your weight plateau’s at numbers like 175 or 190 rather than 193 or 178. Could this be a psychological thing? Once you reach that weight you tend to relax a bit and if you go backwards you fight harder to return back to that weight? It seems almost as if its a goal in your head without you realising it. Could be wrong though.

    Glad your back into it!

  2. Hi Dan,

    Pic of meals – I’ve thought of it, but am reluctant as it might further confirm my wife’s assertion that I am somewhat obsessed with this.

    It’s true, of course – you can’t keep weight off unless there’s an obsessiveness to it, but God knows she already has enough of a burden putting up with my current eccentricities – I’m hesitant to add to this – I do love her.

    As to the plateaus – you might be right – or it might be that I just round the set points in my head, so it really is 173, but I round up to 175.

    As I do not have hard data on all this, we’ll never know.


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