A Birthday Miracle

Today’s eats were an Atkins bar around 10am – of course I had my coffee with cream at 5am, however – does that count as breakfast?

Lunch was the last of the frozen london broil with Brussels sprouts. It was just OK – maybe I’ve had enough of this for a while. Prefect timing – there was zero waste on this one. I’ll roll this recipe out again in another month or so.

There was a birthday in the family, so it was a night out to dinner. We went to a local steakhouse and started off the meal with my 2-year old spilling a Shirley Temple on my wife’s lap. Spilling stuff on Mom and Dad is my younger daughter’s specialty – and she got right down to business.

I had the prime rib and it was the best piece of meat I had in a long time. I also had a martini, which I enjoy on special occasions. I had a small salad that I picked the croutons out of, and switched to water after the martini was drained.

The prime rib came with mashed potatoes mixed with horseradish, which was very good – I had a few forkfulls – my daughter had a good portion of the rest. I also cheated on some bread and butter – the butters where flavored with herbs and very delish.

When we got home, we had the cake and sang ‘Happy Birthday’. I had more of the cake than I wanted to, but it was a Whole Foods cake, and they do a good job on this sort of thing – they had better at their prices.

I thought I’d pay for my transgressions, but the scale forgave me – I’m down to 204.4 – a pound less than yesterday and 4.4 pounds from my November goal.

This carbing out, then losing happens occasionally. But it’s like the lottery – you can’t depend on it. 

It was a birthday miracle, and there’s probably no more of these miracles in the near future, so back to the low carb grindstone for me.

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