Food Journal 11-23-08 – 11-24-08


I first ate around noon – yes, I do eat late compared to when I wake up, which is usually between 4 and 5 am. I’m somewhat reticent to say what I ate, but here goes: pork rinds with French Pate. 

Yeah – I bet I might be the only person in North America that had that this morning…

I followed that up with a pickle spear chaser and some water.

The morning consisted of putting together the Ikea dresser, which had more than 350 pieces. As I kind of like putting things together, it wasn’t that bad, but it still took me almost 3 hours.

The rest of the day was work, work, work around the house. I did have the time to whip up the pumpkin cheesecake with my daughter. It’s in the fridge. Perhaps it will make it til Thanksgiving – perhaps not.

My wife bought extra expensive steaks – and there was quite a difference. The meat was so much more tender than the regular grocery store fare. Times are tough, however, and this is rare indulgence.

I did have another cheese and lettuce – and wondered why I can eat this just about every day. Then I remembered my one-and-only trip to the Automat.


My Dad had worked in New York City at the original Abercrombie & Fitch when it was a sporting goods store – a real sporting goods store – one that outfitted Teddy Roosevelt for his run up San Juan Hill. After leaving the store, he went back for a visit and took me. I couldn’t have been more than 4 years old, so we’re talking the mid 1960s here.

On our way there, we stopped at the Automat, and the only thing I could find to eat was a cheese sandwich with lettuce inside the wall of dispensing machines shown above. As with most 4 year olds, the thought of anything green was intolerable, and I remember thinking how these people ruined a perfectly good cheese sandwich with that lettuce stuff. 

But being on an adventure, I gave in, threw caution to the wind, and ate it – and loved it. 

Here we are – more than 40 years later. The old A&F is long gone and forgotten – replaced by a snotty-boy clothing chain with adolescent sexual innuendo as its market differentiation – something Teddy Roosevelt would not have approved of, certainly. The Automat closed in the 70s. 

And here I am, more than 40 years later, addicted to a cheese sandwich with lettuce.

But I digress.

The remains of the day were nibbles of steak, some wine, some breakfast sausages, and probably one-too many clementines … and my weight this morning was 206.8…sigh.


I was hungry in the morning and had the Atkins bar upon arrival at work. Next was the chicken and bacon with Brussels sprouts – the aroma of which made my boss hungry. I was hungry on the way home, and had another bar. Evening was 2 cheese sandwiches, some pork rinds with salsa, and half a pomegranate. 

Weight was the same as yesterday – 206.8.

One poster stated that the sudden weight gain from a cheat during a low carb diet is from a combo of: fat, water weight, and glycogen stores being replenished. Question: where is glycogen stored, and how much does a full complement of the stuff typically weigh?

3 thoughts on “Food Journal 11-23-08 – 11-24-08

  1. Glycogen is generally stored in the liver and muscles, and how much is stored is dependent on your own body size, lean muscle mass and amount of carbohydrate consumed. You may find the following links helpful, along with googling any combination of glycogen, water retention and weight fluctuations:

    “Why the scale lies” –

    “Water weight vs. fat weight” –

  2. According to, it is stored in the muscles and liver, and for every gram of glycogen you store three grams of water. So if you store 500 grams of glycogen, you’re actually gaining 2 kg due to the accompanying water. Glycogen being a carbohydrate, it stores approximately 4 calories per gram, so that’s 2000 calories your body can store as glycogen.

    However, frequent cheats probably mean that your glycogen stores are not really usually empty, so some of the excess carb will go to top off the glycogen and the rest will get shuffled off into lipocytes and adipocytes, i.e., fat.

    Here’s an interesting tidbit– you can be in ketosis and still not lose weight. If you’re running off your dietary fat intake and that is sufficient for your daily energy needs, you won’t touch your stored body fat (a.k.a., blubber). I’m in that boat right now, so I’m one of the few that actually has to cut back on my calories too so that I’ll start dipping in to the reserves. Hmph.

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