The Irvingia Weight Loss Challenge – Reports From the Field

Wilbur Olin Atwater


I build things for a living. And when you build things, you need ideas so you know what to build, and how to go about building it.

I remember a long time ago, a boss of mine and myself were trying to come up with a solution to a particular problem and my boss had an idea and explained it to me.

It sounded good, and I said: “Sounds good – now what might possibly be wrong with this idea?”

He looked at me and laughed: “Why would I want to find anything wrong with my idea? It’s mine.”

I bring this up because I’ve always been suspect of ideas – any ideas – without them being tested.

In my early career I’ve had the opportunity to see my untested ideas come to life more time than I care to remember – and be a disaster.

When you build things, ideas are the fuel. You need a lot of them. They are a commodity – and they need to be tested – empirically, and carefully.

You also can’t assume ANY idea, from any source, no matter what the authority, is a given.

I’ve questioned many an assumption that was the bedrock of some idea, only to see that idea was a paper tiger.

One example is the ‘A calorie is a calorie is a calorie myth’ – much of the medical profession believes in this, but in my personal estimation, they are wrong.

When I researched this topic, I found so much guesswork in measuring calories in food and calories burned, as well as the fact that your absorbtion of calories must vary due to a number of factors, that I concluded personally counting calories was probably pointless.

Most people wouldn’t have got so far as to learn of Wilbur Olin Atwater when going on a diet – but I do. 

This can make me very irritating – people usually don’t like their assumptions questioned. 

So when I read of Irvingia, I was intrigued – and tried to figure out a way that I could somehow, to the best of my ability, ascertain if this stuff really worked – without taking as gospel every word of the Life Extension article.

Believe nothing you read and half of what you see. I heard that once, and that is my gospel.

So I did my best attempt at research, and based on what I read, and the credibility that Life Extension has in my estimation, I thought I would give it a try. Honestly, if this supplement was introduced by any other organization, I wouldn’t have tried it. 

So here I am trying this stuff – and so are at least a half-dozen of you folks out there. A lot of you have offered to post your experiences with the stuff, and I am honored.

Think of it this way: the research has been done in the lab and in medical settings. What we are doing here, together, is the first ‘real-world’ test of Irvingia. 

Irvingia ‘looks good on paper’ as they might say, but Irvinga as a means to a signifigant weight loss can only occur one person at a time, living in the real world.

We are putting it to the test. 

A bunch of folks have already sent their experiences, and they are scattered across a number of posts, making them hard to find.

To try and make it easy to find these posts, I’ve set up a page – Irvingia Field Reports. Please post any experiences about Irvinga there.

To anyone who is as adventuous as I am and had decided for themselves to try this stuff and post their experiences – welcome onboard.

Let’s see what we find.


2 thoughts on “The Irvingia Weight Loss Challenge – Reports From the Field

  1. This is so damn clever of you. We are human test subjects in real time with no manufacturers getting involved. If this doesn’t work…LE will not sell another bottle of this stuff after 90 days (when we will have all thrown in the towel and left disparaging remarks). Anyone that Googles it will find this blog and say “no thanks”. However, if it does work, LE better have a patent!

  2. I’ve just spent the last 3 1/2 hours reading the Reports From the Field eager for any info on Irvingia. I just purchased 2 bottles and am waiting for it. It’s great to hear all of the comments so I will know what to expect. I am certainly going to lower my expectations but remain positive. I spoke with a health advisor at LEF when I placed my order. They were a little surprised that Lef put this out at Christmas when everyone would be overeating and probably disappointed with the product at first. They went on to say they quit the product because they didn’t need to lose any more weight and sent it to 2 friends who had great results and wanted more. They didn’t push the product on me at all as it was I who asked them about the Slim Signals. I am keeping an open mind. Have enjoyed reading the comments and hearing from like-minded people …especially those who are members of LEF. Will report back when I have something to report. Looking forward to reading more.

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