What Type of Diet Do You Follow?

If I would hazard a guess, most folks who come here are somehow trying to modify their body – most often through weight loss. While I don’t particularly like the word diet, as diets don’t work, but lifestyle changes do, I’m going to use the word here.

So – as of late I come here and spill my guts to you – reciprocate by answering a simple question: what ‘diet’ are you on?

There are an almost countless set of variants, so my little poll below could never list them all.

In the survey below, choose the answer that comes as closest as possible to what you’re doing. For example, I would say I’m on Atkins, but I’ve modified it considerably.

But – when I need to go back to my ‘roots’ and get some info, I’d always go back to my shelf of Atkins books.

So please, tell me what you’re doing – you can see the results yourself – at the bottom of the poll is a ‘view results’ button.

If, in your estimation, I have left off a particular diet that you believe to be a huge omission, please leave a comment and let me know.

6 thoughts on “What Type of Diet Do You Follow?

  1. I’m doing Atkins and the farther I go on this journey the more I see the need to return to Atkins ’72. In my estimation we have added so many ‘frankenfoods’ that it makes it more difficult to lose weight like on the Original Atkins Diet Revolution of 1972. The ‘cleaner’ I keep my diet the more successful I am. Just my 2CW, FWIW. Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie.

  2. I only gained some extra weight once in my life. That was during the first 9 months of my military service when I was regularly consuming doughnuts and sweet rolls for breakfast along with the usual eggs and toast. I went from 165 to 180. Now I weigh about 160. Had some problems with my sinuses also during that period.

    I’ve decided it’s best for me to consume modest amounts of carbohydrates. Too much bread and heartburn sets in.

    I can consume as much fat as I wish without putting on a pound. I just have more bowel movements if I consume more fat (mostly butter and cheese) and vegetables.

    It seems like there exists a range of metabolic configurations that dictate what sort of macro nutrient will be appropriate for any given individual. However, recent research seems to indicate that fructose is a problem for almost everyone whether they gain weight or not because skinny people also develop diabetes and die from heart disease.

    I found out this morning that the American Public Health Association is paying attention to the fructose problem. This is good. This is very good. Here’s a web page:

  3. I’m sticking to close to induction levels to keep my blood glucose in line, the weight loss is a nice bonus, but for me it’s the BGLs that are the main thing.

  4. Im on Paleo Diet as you know. But I do wonder (as formerdonutjunkie said) what happens when you bring in the processed low carb foods. I think eliminating carbs should involve eliminating processed low carbs because thats the kind of tinkering that got us all unhealthy and fat in the first place. But thats my personal opinion.

  5. I agree, Dr Dan – I would like to reduce the amount of ‘low carb crap food’ as much as possible.

    I was toying with the idea of an ‘ingredient-counting diet’ – eat whatever you want, just count the number of ingredients listed on the labels – and the number of syllables in the ingredients. Create a ratio, and keep that number below a certain level.

    Given all the different diets out there, this one might not be that bad.

  6. No grains, no sugar, limited dairy, legumes, tubers. Lots of meat/fish, veg, fruit & nuts. Lost 129 lbs since Jan 2007.

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