Eats, December 10

Had the morning tub O’Joe at about 4:30am with my 400 cal worth of heavy cream. I stopped there, and did NOT do my usual drink another routine – am I actually thinking about cutting back on coffee?!?

It must be the Irvingia clouding my judgement.

I ate my fast-becoming-ritual hard-boiled egg at about 11am.

That lasted me until about 1:30, when I had a small portion of lunch – the rubber chicken from the other day. 

It’s not that bad, really.

Anyway, I did something slightly different. As a means of portion control, I used 2 containers, each 1 cup in size, as opposed to a larger container. I think the container might dictate what I eat more than my appetite.

So at 1:30, I had maybe only a third of a cup – and followed it up with some psyllium in water.

One poster to this blog had mentioned the theory that fiber might block the absorbtion of some calories. I don’t know if this is true, but that tiny bit of chicken and a glass of the fiber sure filled me up.

Around 5pm I finished up the remainder of the cup. This evening was music lessons for my daughter, so I ran home to pick her up, grabbed a hard-boiled egg and brought her to the teacher.

When I finally got home I really didn’t seem all that hungry. I had 3 fried eggs and some steak, with some wine, then a few slices of the kilebasa from the day before with saurkraut.

I followed this with some sour cream with Splenda for dessert.

If the my day was 23.5 hours long, I would have been OK. 

But it isn’t.

After getting in bed, I needed to get a bottle for my daughter. So I went to the kitchen and stood there waiting for the bottle to warm.

Jeez – what’s a tired and bored dieter to do, all alone in a kitchen full of candy and cookies?

I’ll let you guess: choose one from the following:

  • Congratulate oneself on the incredible willpower and fortitude in resisting temptation
  • Eat a few handfulls of M&Ms

So…anyway, the scale this morning told me 207.8 – it’s less, not by much, but less.

Irvingia Field Report

On the Irvingia front, I would say that day 5 and day 6 did seem to have a reduction in appetite overall. Now, I am adjusting my diet more toward real Atkins than faux Atkins, and am trying to cut out nitrated meats, the low carb crap food, and cutting back on the Splenda. This could confound any evidence for the effectiveness of Irvingia, but I said this isn’t scientific. Point is – If I’m in the low 190s at the end of the 60 days, I’d say there might be something here, as I have not been able to get to that weight in a long time.

Some posters are getting impatient – me, I’m trying to forget I’m taking it. I’m just going to watch for any effect other than weight loss and be patient.  This isn’t touted as ‘Lose 10 Lbs. in 5 Days’ – the study showed only a 7 lb. weight loss in 4 weeks.  

Here’s the chart:







Irvingia group

215 pounds 207 pounds 197 pounds 187 pounds

Placebo group

212 pounds 210 pounds 209 pounds 211 pounds 


So if at the start I was 209, I would expect (if my results were the same as reported) to be 201 on Jan 4, 2009, and 191.2 on February 3. 

So a week into this, to have noticed nothing should be expected. Personally, if I reach 201 by Jan, that wouldn’t convince me either way that Irvingia had an impact.

But if I’m 191 in Feb? Wow – I’d say there’s something to this – but I have to wait until Feb to know this. 

I also seem to notice increased thirst – also noted by someone else, and an odd an unexplainable reduction in my coffee drinking. Suddenly, too much coffee isn’t sitting well in my stomach, and for 2 days I’ve had my morning 16oz mug’s worth – and that’s it. One coworker looked at me in surprise when I didn’t go for the coffee.

But the kicker is – I didn’t seem to miss it all that much. I’ve been substituting water and actually enjoying it – maybe ‘enjoy’ is too strong – I haven’t been hating it like I’ve done in the past.

I also noticed some slight dizziness the first few days that I dismissed as part of my normal variations – but one poster noted the same thing, so maybe there’s some connection – maybe.

But it was mild, and I don’t seem to be bothered with it now.

4 thoughts on “Eats, December 10

  1. everyday i get ur posts in my email… GET ON INDUCTION ALREADY and stop ruining the diet by eating these useless and pointless things everday!!!! u coulda been down 15 kilos by now!!!! DO IT!!! i have faith in you!! just resist!! only for 15 days … pleaseee! i AM getting impatient for ur results!!!!!

  2. Are you so sure of that? I did a two week clean induction. Do you know how much I lost? Three pounds. Do you know how much I’ve lost in the last 10 weeks? One pound.

    I agree that there are things LCC could be doing differently that are more in line with Atkins, but there is a mile of difference between that statement and saying that he “coulda been down 15 kilos by now”. What, exactly, do you expect the result of such a pronouncement will be?

    As for you getting impatient for his results, is he doing this for you? If so, I can 100% guarantee his failure. He will succeed if he’s doing this for him. Anyone who’s been successful in maintaining a significant weight loss knows that impatience is the enemy.

    Just keep swimming, LCC, just keep swimming!

  3. I know he’s not doing it for me, but i lost 15 kgs on indunction and im sure he can too!!! its just one week out of yoiur life of resisting!!! and i know its hard but i guess this is my way of motivating him cuz everyday i see how he cheats and its exactly the way i cheat… and all i needed was someone to semi guilt trip me and make me realize that im stalling my progress when i could have been enjoyin the fruits of my labor by now!!

    i started my indunction # 2 yestrrday so im with you dear!!!

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