Eats, December 15

Woke at 4am and dragged my sorry ass to the dark and empty gym. Turned on the lights and did my 1 mile at 3 miles per hour.

Standard issue 16 oz coffee with cream started the day when I got back home.

The morning boiled egg eating ceremony was held at about 11.

My boss had a departmental lunch so we went to a high-brow burger joint where I had a ‘Willie burger’ – a burger with Canadian bacon and a fried egg on top. I turned down the fries and told the waitress ‘no bun’. She asked be if I wanted a salad instead. They had a balsamic vinaigrette that didn’t sound too full of sugar, so I ordered it and asked for the dressing on the side.

The meal came with the bun, and with the dressing on the salad. The bun was a gloriously fresh kaiser roll, toasted to perfection, with a thin veneer of crunchy goodness surrounding the soft and fluffy carb-laden heaven that lay within.

The salad dressing didn’t seem to have too much sweet to it, so I ate most of that – along with the burger, which was pretty good. I tossed the bun.

My co-workers remarked: “You’re doing that high-protein diet, right? What is it, Atkins?”

Throw another log on the fire of my eccentricity.

I had seltzer with lemon as my drink.

I have been feeling a bit run-down the past few days – induction can make you out of sorts for a bit until you acclimate. It can also be from stress – and it can be from some residual caffeine withdrawal as I have continued my cutback on coffee.

I did take the offer at desert for some java and had two cups with half and half, which made me feel somewhat much better. 

The afternoon continued and I began to get hungry late afternoon, but events of the day got in the way and I figured I’d eat when I get home.

A change of plans was thrown me – my wife asked me to pick up my daughter at her piano lesson – so I went there instead, read my book on ego defenses that I keep in the car for just this sort of event, and when my daughter’s lesson was done, we went home.

At home, I decided that I wanted more broiled burgers. So I did exactly what I did yesterday – 6 mini burgers (not that mini – 6 probably total 1.3 lbs.) wrapped in lettuce with onion and low carb ketchup.

I followed that with some sour cream and Splenda, and finished off the eats with 4 or 5 cherries and a single grape.

The scale reports 206.4 – down a lb. from yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Eats, December 15

  1. I feel for you dude. I can see that you absolutely love carbs!!! I think what makes it easier for me is that I have always preferred fat and protein anyway and so most of the time I don’t miss them. Unless I eat them then I go carb crazy. Anyway well done!!

  2. David,

    Are you familiar with the Body for Life workout methods? 3 hours and 15 minutes a week have transformed thousands into body builders in 12 weeks. You can find the info free on the website.

    You are a strong man LCC to toss that bun! Good job!

  3. LCC,

    Isn’t there something especially during low carb ketosis where the immediate reaction of the fat cells is to store water as a defense mechanism to keep their size? Then they slowly shrink, so technically you’ve lost the fat, and now just have to wait for the water to leave the cells? I remember reading something to that effect, but can’t seem to find it with the search words I type in online. All I found was this:

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