Eats, December 22

Absolutely fed up with myself – as one commenter on this site reminds me, this is the worst possible time of the year to go on a diet.

Sure shows in my performance, doesn’t it?

Did not exercise today, which also pissed me off – I’m barely on speaking terms with myself, I’m so mad.

So…with my ‘never give up’ attitude in place, I plunged in to yet another day of trying to adhere to my diet, with the odds totally against me as has been proven day after day in these stupid postings.

Coffee with cream at 5am.

Hard boiled egg around 11 am.

Around 1pm I had a few bites of the cryogenically frozen pork and tomatoes. The flavors of this dish have worn on me, apparently, as I wasn’t all that thrilled to be eating it and only had 3 bites.

The next hard-boiled egg was had at 4pm.

When I went home, food was foisted on me, but I waited to eat. I was told: “You should eat it now – it doesn’t taste as good when it’s cold.”

Isn’t that on the list of Things We Say To Ourselves That Make Us Fat?

I had a glass of wine and played with my daughter. 

Maybe at 9pm I had a small dish of the stuff – Chinese-style egg with wood ear fungus. Really good stuff, despite the name.

I had just gone shopping and loaded up on romaine hearts and was really in the mood for some lettuce. My favorite way of eating lettuce is as part of a cheese sandwich with lettuce and mayo – but I’m trying to cut back on the bread – even the low carb variety – and the mayo – trying to keep the soybean oil and omega 6 oils to a minimum.

So I took the American cheese and wrapped the lettuce around that and ate that like a sandwich, which filled the need quite well, actually. 

I also had another of these ‘sandwiches’ with some ham. 

And that was it – no 11th-hour carb-out.

I find being mad at myself to be motivating.

The scale reported 209.0. That number sucks, but it sucks less than yesterday’s number, at least.

2 thoughts on “Eats, December 22

  1. I am glad the scale was more forgiving today 🙂 A couple of comments, though. I agree that the holidays are the worst times of year to go on a “diet”. But, if we want to be successful at keeping our weight off, shouldn’t we stay away from the “dieting” mentality anyway? This holiday season, I had to ask myself – how am I going to handle holidays once I reach my goal weight? There has to be a way to enjoy the season without gaining weight. Not claiming I have a solution here, just something to ponder on.

    Also, judging from what you wrote today, it doesn’t seem to me like you are getting enough food. This may be a strange comment to make, but 2 hard boiled eggs, a few bites of pork, a small entree (granted, I don’t know how small we are talking about) plus two pieces of cheese with some ham does not sound like enough of food for an adult, even a dieting adult. I am not a fan of counting calories, but, by definition a Very Low Calorie Diet is 5kcal-8kcal per kg of body weight for an adult and should only be followed under close supervision of a doctor. You seem to be eating somewhere in this range. Also, once you start following such a regimen, your metabolism slows way down, making it difficult to lose fat (only strength training could help offset this), and, of course, you cannot get all vitamins and minerals with so little food, making supplementation very important.

    Just something to think about. Happy holidays and good luck with your goal!

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