Happy New Year – What Now?

I’m sure that many of you, as you pull yourself up despite a lingering alcoholic daze and struggle to see your computer through bleary, bloodshot eyes, are asking this question.

What do I want to do differently in 2009? How can I be a better person?

And do I have the moxie to pull it off?

Some folks don’t make New Year’s resolutions – perhaps they are perfect already.

I’m not, so I do.

I’m still cobbling together my resolutions, but in the interim, I thought I’d ask you:

What are your 2009 resolutions?

It can be weight-related, or not – I think it’s all connected, personally.

So tell me: what do you plan to change – and (important) what will this do for you.

The second half is real important – most people don’t do it, and it lessens the energy of your goals.

Example: say you want a million bucks. Great – it’s just a number.

But say you want a million bucks so you can travel the world in 2009, or because you want your kids to be able to go to college without having to work their way through – now those are some goals you can sink your teeth into.


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