Your Words of Wisdom to the World

There is a Zen story about a student that endeavors to meet a great Zen teacher so that he can learn more. They meet, and the Zen student begins to tell the teacher all that he knows about Zen.

The teacher says nothing for a long while as the student rattles off all that he has done, and all that he knows about Zen teachings.

The teacher then says to the student: “Would you like to have some tea?”

The student agrees, and he and the teacher sit before a tea pot as the student continues to talk.

The Zen master places a cup before the student and begins pouring the tea until the cup is full – and he keeps pouring. The tea spills over the rim and onto the floor.

Suddenly, the student notices what the teacher is doing and says: “Why are you doing that? The cup is already full?”

“That cup is like your mind.” Says the Zen Master. “You cannot expect to add more when your cup is already full.”

I think I need a bit of time to be more quiet. And to listen rather than to speak.

I have a very busy month ahead with work and travel. I am also still working on incorporating exercise as a daily habit.

And of course, I’ll be continuing my low carb ways.

So I think there will be less postings from me for the rest of the month of January.

So – my challenge to you – what words of wisdom do you have?

Surely all of you who come here have some wisdom, some insight, that you would like to pass on – if only people would listen.

Maybe it’s locked up deep inside, as you’ve given up hope of anyone listening, caring, or understanding.

Here’s your chance: leave a comment to this post that contains your words of wisdom. Remember – when you post, no one can see your email address or identity unless you choose to reveal it, so feel free to write that thing that you have never put to paper and pen – but it should be made known.

Wisdom can range from the simple, to the mundane, to the profound – there’s no limit to the definition of wisdom except the one you place upon it. It can be diet-related or not – the sky’s the limit here.

Me – I’m listening. And I have seen how words can change lives.

Maybe your words here can do the same.

5 thoughts on “Your Words of Wisdom to the World

  1. LCC, this is why I chose to blog about food instead of my diet itself. I tried it the other way around, but it just… filled up my head and got me all turned around. Not that I don’t enjoy your blog and blogs like it, I just don’t have the wherewithal to write one. 😉

  2. I’m doing a little revamp myself, not because of a “new year’s resolution” but I just had to set a start time and that seemed a logical arbitrary time.

    I decided after eating over a thousand calories of nuts the other day (NOT a regular occurrence, I don’t even eat nuts that often!) that the high-fat satiety switch doesn’t seem to work for me. I need volume in my food. That’s why I am perfectly happy with egg white instead of whole eggs.

    So, don’t worry, I’m not about to go low-fat, but I am going to see if I can incorporate some of the principles of volumetrics into my low-carb plan. Lettuce and spinach contain little in the way of carbs, and they sure can bulk up a meal of chicken breast with blue cheese or caesar dressing so that I’ll feel full, instead of downing my portion of meat/cheese and then hoping I’ll eventually feel full.

    I guess my words of wisdom are, find out what works for you and stick with it. I lost over 30 pounds with the low-cal, high-volume scheme, so how can I expect dinky portions of fatty food to fill me up now?! Everybody else may say, “oh, but you get to eat *real* food this way and you’ll feel satisfied faster,” but it isn’t true for me. So now my search is on to find a way to eat low-carb but high volume.

    I’d say that’s my #1 diet obstacle. I was used to eating massive amounts of fiber, like 40-50 g per day, and now I struggle to hit 25. I’m going back to what I know and see how that works. If it doesn’t, I can try something else. It’s a free country, and I’m not afraid to make mistakes!

    Hope something in there counts as wisdom… 😉

  3. Excellent words of wisdom from Marochka. Reminds me of a sauing I came across recently. “Anything worth doing is worth doing wrong the first time.”

  4. Excellent words of wisdom from Marochka. Reminds me of a saying I came across recently. “Anything worth doing is worth doing wrong the first time.” Oops! I spelled “saying” wrong the first time.

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