See Ya In A Week!

I’m officially on vacation. A real vacation. Leavin’ on a jet plane and going to an island.

I’m trying to ‘do without’ and unplug to the fullest extent that I can – not even taking my iPod (gasp!).

As some I knew once said: “I’m going off the grid.”

It’s a time for my wife and my daughters, some escapist literature, and maybe spending some time just looking at the sky and listening to the ocean.

I want to experiment in travelling light – I am going to question everything I bring, as I always seem to pack way more than is necessary. And much of this are things I cocoon my life with.

The iPod for instance – why do I want to bring something filled with music and lectures that will remind me of long commutes? Isn’t the vacation about getting away

And I don’t usually read escapist literature – but maybe now’s the time to rough up my usual patterns as much as possible, and try not to replicate my usual life as part of my vacation.

I’ve talked a lot about our habits, and change, and opportunities like these are especially good at trying on new habits and ways of thinking.

I am NOT going on a ‘diet vacation’ – while I’m going to surely have a few discretions, I intend to exercise and keep the low carb faith.

‘Diet vacations’ – where you give yourself free rein to eat like a pig – at least for me, is a bad idea.

So while I’m gone, keep your own faith, whatever your plan is.

See ya.

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