Back, But Not Quite…And Your Questions for an Irvingia Survey


I arrived home from my vacation around 9pm last night, and am still unpacking – physically and mentally. I’ve recently been  wondering if we sometimes disappear into our habits.

In other words: if we were to change our habits completely, would many of us just disappear?

Are we just the sum of out habits?

I say this because I am at this very moment living in this middle space between a world where all my habits changed, and the world of habits – the thousands of habits – that surround my ordinary life.

I haven’t let them all creep in just yet – I’m waiting for 9am, at my desk in work, before I let them hit with full force. This might be unwise – we’ll see.

My wife anxiously checked her work email last night from home to check for any ‘crisis’. I asked her if it made her feel any better.

She didn’t quite answer, but I think the non-answer was ‘no’.

Sorry to those of you who left comments that didn’t appear until now. They should be up there.


It appears that the Irvingia posts have become an absolute mess. Anyone trying to glean some simple facts from this will get lost in at least 50 highly interesting digressions and probably come away more confused than anything else.

To this end, I think a survey is in order.

Your task, those of you interested in the Irvingia supplement, is to suggest 10 questions that I can put to the the people taking the stuff.

Please leave comments on this post as to what those questions should be.

I’ll try to select the best 10 and survey the group – maybe it will help us all make some sense of it all.

8 thoughts on “Back, But Not Quite…And Your Questions for an Irvingia Survey

  1. Height, sex, weight, eating habits, drinking habits (I noticed when I did the Holiday cheer, it definitely affected things, but some people may not be comfortable posting that). I like Judiths response of time of day. With or without food? Other supplements being used. Some medical background that may give hints to impeding weight loss where the group can help trouble shoot. I’ve learned lots of interesting stuff I’ve researched from board members!

    Being it works on amylase, I wonder if taking my systemic enzymes is affecting that? I’m going to post that on the board for LD’s two cents:o)

  2. Number of weeks on Irvingia, pounds lost/gained per week.
    How much you have to lose-Did you change your eating habits.
    Have you had bloodwork done since being on Irvingia?
    Has anyone improved CRP,HDL,LDL.etc.
    Any side effects attributed to Irvingia?
    Thank you very much-This should help organize our “study” emensly (sp?)

  3. was your appetite affected?
    Was your craving, or ability to refuse food temptation affected?
    Any effect on blood sugar, blood pressure?
    Was any weight loss gradual or delayed?

  4. Eating habits before starting Invingia.
    Are you taking Invingia alone or Slim Signals?
    Have you been treated for thyroid problems?
    Are you on a low carb diet?
    Do you exercise? If so, how much?
    Are you menopausal?
    Have cravings lessened, i.e.,do you have an “off switch” now in your eating habits?
    When do you take your Invingia?

  5. I have been taking Irvingia for about 3 weeks and I’m a little worried about possible side effects since I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidsm a few years ago. So far I have lost 3 kilograms, that is 1 kilo per week and it seems pretty fast to me, for all I want to loose is 6 kilograms. Do anybody knows if Irvingia is contraindicated for hypothiroidism patients??

  6. I love this product. I have lost more fat on this than every single other formula bar none. I feel great and look the best I have looked in about 2 decades. I cannot say enough good things about this product. It is the very best I have come across.

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