Exercise and Eats: Jan 28, 2009

Morning Weight 214.4

Total Body Fat: 30%

Total Body Water: 48.5%

It’s snowing here, but not so much that I couldn’t get to the gym, and on the treadmill.

I did 20 minutes – 10 minutes at a zero degree incline, then I gradually upped it to 2.5 degree during the second half – I want to begin to maximize the efficiency of this 20 minutes and am shooting for a cardio heart rate of about 140 – which is where I ended up at the end of this. 

I’m easing in to this as much as possible – the advice at Mind and Muscle I got I thought was very helpful – don’t hurt yourself. 

I haven’t bothered them since I started this – I think it’s proper I earn some credibility before I bother them again – I’m sure they see scads of folks who are good at making resolutions that are never followed through.

I’m thinking that I got to put in some sustained effort first, then bug them.


It started with some cream cheese at the ‘continental breakfast’ put out for the day 2 meeting. Lunch was a chicken breast with some cheese and tomato. In the late afternoon I had 3 sausages I had brought from home – as well as 2 Atkins bars – I got really hungry.

This late afternoon meal kept my appetite under control in the evening – I only had a small amount of canned tunaand canned crab with mayo – and some wine. 

No veggies – which I think is important, but I just wasn’t all that hungry, and the larder is bare since we haven’t gone shopping since we came home from vacation.

The meeting went quite well, but they are very draining – a great mental workout, but you’re burnt afterwards.

Very low energy in the evening – this could also be because I checked my ketones, and it does appear I’ve just crossed the line into ketosis.

The evening weight-in showed a .6 lb gain – not bad, actually, considering I 5.2 lbs. heavier 2 days ago – and another low for body fat – 26%. I’m not putting too much weight to these numbers, but it might prove to be an interesting trend.

I’ll have to keep up with these numbers – they’re fun to watch – and this exercise thing is real uncharted territory for me.

2 thoughts on “Exercise and Eats: Jan 28, 2009

  1. Gah! No fair!!! I bust my hump 8 times a week at the gym powerlifting and running, been on a healthy diet for well over a year, I’m a healthy weight and I still read 28-29% body fat. Gimme some-a that testosterone. Bastige. 😉

    So good on you for sticking with your exercise! I think you’ve earned the right to go bug them again. Of course, you shouldn’t let your newb status restrain you from asking pertinent questions you may have. You’re selling yourself short being so self-effacing about your lack of athletic ability. I’ve always said “oh I’m just not an athletic person” but an athletic person is just somebody who keeps up an active, athletic lifestyle. I may not learn movements or acquire physical skills quickly, but that doesn’t mean I’m not athletic. I *am* athletic! And I have a little cannonball on my arm– see?! see?! Modesty is misplaced at the gym. You can leave it in the car; it’s one less thing to have to lug around while you’re there. (this is another thing I’ve had to practice at, and it sounds like you could use a little practice too!) Say it with me… “Aaaaahhh!! I am ALL THAT IS MAN!” 😉

  2. OK, I love exercise, so here are my two cents. for aerobic training, use the Maffetone method (google it). It’s a nonstressful way to train for burning fat. Being a chair jockey too often myself, I would advise core exercises too to prevent injury (I’ve got one now unfortunately- and I’m still too weak to do # 6 in the pdf). http://www.smiweb.org/core.pdf They’re easy to do while watching TV, along with a few situps and pushups, which are also a good idea. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to feel the benefits, and it may help you prevent injury. Some people are very motivated and make good progress initially, then get waylaid with injuries. These are good to do while you are still doing mostly walking or easy jogging. You might like weights too, but get someone knowledgeable to help you get started. The exercise will improve insulin sensitivity alot.

    Have fun!

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