Does Cutting Calories Improve Memory?

I thought this an interesting post from Jonny Bowden:

Especially because memory can be an issue for me. Also, since I’ve been buckling down on the low carbing, by appetite has gone through the floor – to the point where I find myself making myself eat.

What if there was an added benefit to a reduction in calories that gave us 20% more mental acuity?

A nice side-benefit of your diet, eh?

I was introduced to the fellow when a friend of mine showed me his 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, which I thought, with a few exceptions (being a low carber means having to run any info through your low carb compliance filter to be sure it fits), was a great listing of good foods – and all around good advice.

My one BIG problem with the book? NO REFERENCES! Reference-checking geeks like me are left hanging!

His blog is worth checking out, if you haven’t come across him yet.

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