What Weight Loss Looks Like

Please forgive a post perhaps more rambling than most – I just noticed I haven’t written in a while and thought it unseemly to make the site appear abandoned.

You might think that I was abducted – or gave up on low carb and went on Jenny Craig.

Or said ‘to hell with this’, bought the Ho-Hos, the Scooter Pies, and the Frozen White Castle hamburgers and was hard at work packing on the pounds.

None of the above.

I see a lot of good low carb blogs that have ‘gone dark’ – no more updates. I always wonder if it’s because they fell off the wagon and are ashamed to post this fact.

Shameless as I am, I’ve kept blogging as I gained maybe 40 lbs back out of my 80 lb. loss – and now I’m blogging as I work to make the weight creep down again.

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Eating Organic: Does It Help Weight Loss? Can You Do It Without Going Broke?

In this recent post I discussed some of the reasons I thought that I am now losing weight. For some time I got nowhere, but now I seem to be on the road of serious weight loss. I tried to outline some of the changes I made, but I left one out: I have been trying to eat less processed food and more organic food.

Could that be assisting me in weight loss?

And another, very serious question in these ecomonic times: can I do it without going broke?

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Real Time With Bill Maher May 29 2009 Michael Pollan

I stumbled across this just the other day – a Michael Pollan interview with the controversial (to put it mildly) Bill Maher. Michael Pollan’s latest book, In Defense of Food, has been influencing my thinking as of late – and it includes a long discussion on how recent research has shown that the health benefits of low fat diets are mythical – unsubstantiated by the research. This point is powerful coming from him, as he is not an advocate of low carb, at least in my reading of him, and has no axe to grind in this respect.

Anyway – this video has little to do with his low carb views, but is interesting, and provides a nice introduction to the fellow and his work for those of you unfamiliar with him.