Sodastream Seltzer Maker – First Impressions


There’s a reason I don’t do too many reviews.

First, I’m not all that good at them. I don’t like to memorize all those technical facts that make one sound knowledgeable about a product – nor do I really like to fact-check this sort of thing. I also come across very few products having to do with weight loss that I find all that interesting.

Lastly, history shows I feel no great desire to have content all the time, so I don’t have to fill my blog every day.

But I occasionally come across something neat, and like to share my experience with it. This SodaStream thing is one of these things. Continue reading “Sodastream Seltzer Maker – First Impressions”

WSJ Reports Low Cal Diets Make Monkeys Live Longer. No Comment From Monkeys

Yep. This was kind of expected. I wrote previously on calorie restriction having a beneficial effect on health and longevity. Unlike a lot of research that asks complicated questions that are hard to answer (does dietary cholesterol cause high cholesterol levels in blood, for example), this question is pretty simple: if I take an animal and give it less food, does it live longer?

If you’ve got the time to wait until your test animals start dying of age-related diseases, it’s pretty cut and dry.

The answer, up until now, has been yes for shorter-lived critters like mice. Now some researchers with a lot of time on their hands say it’s the same for monkeys.

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