Response To an Email on Commit Lozenges

01/25/12 UPDATE: Nearly 3 years of experimentation and

here’s my summary: My Last Post on Nicotine.

This is merely to prove I am not dead. I’ve been busy, OK?

Someone wrote me asking about the carbs in commit lozenges – here’s what I wote back:

First, if you are taking these lozenges because of my posts, you deserve a scolding. I repeatedly said ‘don’t try this at home’. My doctor was none too pleased when I told him what I was doing, and ran out of the office and quickly got a printout from the internet regarding a study where nicotine increased insulin resistance in mice.

We came to an agreement that I wouldn’t use this stuff long-term, but he was still dubious about the whole thing, as it IS addictive and it DOES increase blood pressure and heart rate.

You should have the same conversation with your doctor right away. You certainly shouldn’t be taking any sort of weight loss advice from me – I’m just reporting what I do more for my own entertainment than anything else.

Now – regarding the carbs in these things. I know that this isn’t the answer you want to hear, but: since you should be only taking maybe 4 a day or less, and each one should last you over an hour – it doesn’t matter. The number of carbs and the very slow absorption rate should not matter.

I say this because I have very easily gone into ketosis while using the lozenges – and if you’re in ketosis, then your carbs are low enough.

Good luck on the diet – and if you are using the commit lozenges as an appetite suppressant – does it work for you?



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